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  1. AnnaFender

    Patient care positions that require limited walking?

    If she is an MA how does that equate that she wont get thru school if she doesnt enjoy her current working conditions which could be overloading to her? How many times have you witnessed Techs or MA's expected to do all the grunt work because no one else wants to or believes because they are more educated shouldnt have to? We dont know what her typical day is like to judge her as being incapable of anything.
  2. AnnaFender

    Call to action! Nurses in Monitoring Programs

    Also, I do agree addiction is a choice. But the fact remains not everyone has the same circumstances in life nor does everyone have exceptional coping skills. When a police officer or veteran takes their own life or becomes an alcoholic typically they are offered treatment because their lives are important, but it seems like the nursing boards are only interested in ordering constant correction and scrutinizing without investing time in poor working conditions, or empathy for the circumstances one may be creating stress and poor coping. Usually chronic substance abuse is directly related to some sort of trauma or painful experience and not to intentionally be some irresponsible good time seeker. So when you say go to AA meetings for the next 3 to 5 yrs. That doesnt really address somebody getting their *** beat at home by their husband or a chronically I'll parent or child they may be caring for etc. Where is the empathy fir nurses that we expect nurses to show for others?
  3. AnnaFender

    Call to action! Nurses in Monitoring Programs

    I find your monitor program idea still too overbearing. A UDS doesnt test for alcohol so if a person gets arrested for a DUI for the first time they have to deal with the legal aspect outside of their job which will most likely require monitoring ordered by the court and substance abuse counseling. For the love of God if this happened outside of work unrelated to their practice, leave them alone. The expense and time commitment ordered by the judge is only going to push a person over the edge if they have to be scrutinized by the board too while at work! Only if someone is obviously impaired on the job or a serious error causing injury occurs should you order a drug screen and send them home and based on those results order random drug screens for no more than 6 months. And so is requiring more than 30 days of counseling. 3 yrs is ridiculous. If they are involved in criminal activity related to their practice then automatic suspension of license for up to 1 yr and termination by the employer. If the criminal activity occurred outside of work, Order monthly self report info to the board regarding conviction of the crime. If convicted depending on crime order counseling to be completed within a certain time random drug screens not to exceed twice a month while still being allowed to work. Also, if crime occurred on job pay a fine. What I'm saying is The board of nursing oversteps the criminal justice system when a nurse is facing legal issues unrelated to their job, and makes it difficult to make a living and satisfy board requirements. This only encourages dishonesty in my opinion and creates mental health issues. I understand wanting to protect the patients we serve but what rights do the nurses have to be protected from the board of nursing and the financial strain of paying for all of these things? Also if nurses satisfy board requirements why would you continue to penalize nurses for future career prospects by disclosing their health information? Last time I checked it's not illegal to have a substance abuse problem. So if a crime has not been committed why would you permanently label them? Those records should be sealed once requirements are satisfied
  4. AnnaFender

    Sick, Sore, & Depressed

    Find a different floor or healthcare setting to work in....life is too short!
  5. AnnaFender

    Patient care positions that require limited walking?

    Hey no offense LPN RETIRED...but that's the type of response that makes me hate nurses! Shame on you...tell your MA gf to apply at a private clinic or a pain clinic... there are many places that offer a variety of working conditions or being exposed to negative people who enjoy insulting others for wanting to spend their working hours not being miserable.
  6. AnnaFender

    Please Help

    She is in over her head and there is no shame in admitting that and finding another job as a new nurse. She needs to go work on an easier floor like a long term car facility or on a med surgical unit until she learns how to manage her time as a nurse. And she will know what that means. She is trying to learn all this and monitor cardiac patients? Oh hell no! She is not a failure she is rightfully stressed out and it isnt worth it. They say nurses eat their young and unfortunately it sounds like she is experiencing that now and it really pisses me off that someone thought it was a good idea to hire her on this floor as a new nurse. Listen. We all know *** runs down hill and I hate to see her turn into the bitter *** that has set her up for failure now. Tell her I said not to beat herself up and find a slower pace less critical nursing job until she is ready to take on the higher acuity patients. And tell her to tell her bf to lighten up or pound sand.
  7. AnnaFender

    Just Say “NO” to Nurse Staffing Laws

    I think it comes down to good managers and charge nurses. That should be their role to monitor thru out the shift the number of patients, acuity level and the nurses who are working. Know your employees strengths and adapt or plan for the circumstances at hand. There is no need for negative interractions between staff and management if all know what is expected and it is consistent and that nurses feel supported by management . You gotta be proactive and not build resentment by complaining.
  8. AnnaFender

    Free Standing ER Patient Abandonment

    Yes...I have and yes you could have been liable until a replacement took over. You need to be prepared for taking responsibility for the job at hand even when it isnt predictable.
  9. AnnaFender

    Such thing as too late to negotiate?

    Well personally since you have no experience in dialysis, I would negotiate before starting that you will accept the rate of pay offered but you would like a pay raise after 6 months if you have met the requirements of the position at that time.
  10. AnnaFender

    Rehab? Asking for a future nurse

    If you were never charged with a crime and only went to rehab for alcohol addiction, then I wouldnt disclose that info at all. Its protected information so do not disclose. Listen, some may disagree but I fail to understand why nursing boards think it is necessary to disqualify individuals who are beautifully flawed human beings like the rest of society. Only you know if you are actively struggling with anything that may impair your judgement. You dont need to have some board member breathing down your neck for disclosing personal information if you are meeting the requirements of the nursing program.
  11. I'm asking for honest and effective suggestions by nurses who have failed a drug test or have been charged with a felony conviction related or not, to their nursing practice, about how the BON's handle these issues or what you wish was in place to either prevent problems before occurring or feel like you were supported in some way so being accountable instead of stigmatized by the board or your nurse peers was encouraged. Any suggestions appreciated.! Thanks!

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