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  1. sashapeds

    Adult vs. Pediatric Job Offer?!

    LOL hey thanks for the info! I'm almost 29 haha. Have lived in many different cities, as well as France. I am not worried about venturing out (I've been in Miami for the past year for my ABSN w/o knowing a soul), I just wasn't sure if it was better to go with a lesser known Children's Hospital in a city I know nothing about, or a Magnet University hospital in a city I enjoy. I am aware it is a *simple* dilemma and easy decision. The unknowns of nursing and experience are what are giving me stress I suppose. Thank you for the tough love though! I need it LOL.
  2. sashapeds

    Adult vs. Pediatric Job Offer?!

    Also wanted to add: the pay is basically the same (give or take .50 cents), the benefits are basically the same, the PTO includes a few more days at the magnet hospital, but everything else is the same.
  3. Hello everyone! Long time lurker, first time poster 🙂 I will be graduating with my BSN through an accelerated post-bac program this May (yay!). I have been applying to jobs since the beginning of the year, and was offered a position in a new grad residency program that starts early August. The offer is at a magnet hospital that is a 511-bed community-based, acute care teaching facility, in an adult cardiac stepdown unit. I got the offer 1.5 months ago, and finally got the official contract about two weeks ago, but for some reason I've been really hesitant to sign it. Ultimately, I know that I want to work in pediatrics. I've always worked with kids, my first degree led me to a career working with kids, and I knew that if I became a nurse I'd be a pediatric nurse. However, I had applied to MANY new graduate pediatric nursing positions to no avail, so I had started to accept that "any experience is better than no experience" and was excited about my cardiac stepdown offer. About a week or two ago I told myself that I was going to apply to any children's hospital positions that remotely appealed to me, and even if I got an offer in a city or state that I didn't have an interest in, I could work anywhere for 1-2 years to gain experience working with children. WELL, I just interviewed at a children's hospital that is a 222-bed, not-for-profit pediatric medical center, in a big city that I never thought of moving to. It is not magnet recognized, but it is working toward it, and I got 2 offers on two different units. SO, long long story short. Would it be better to accept an offer at a children's hospital working w/ a population that I am interested in, in a city I've never been to, and for a hospital that isn't magnet. OR would it be better to accept an offer at a university hospital working w/ an adult population, in a city that I've been to before, at a magnet hospital. I'd stay for 2 years at either location, but I just don't know if location/hospital is better than experience/patient population and I need HELP please. Thank you so so so so much in advance!! xoxoxo
  4. sashapeds

    University of Miami-ABSN Summer 2019

    Hi! Can you email me possibly? I have a questing about final semester at UM!! My email is Nxd598@miami.edu thank you !!!
  5. Hi! Are you still applying to the Accelerated BSN program at NAU?

  6. sashapeds

    USF ME-MSN Summer 2020

    Haha, yeah I've logged in many times, and still nothing. But thanks! And CONGRATS!
  7. sashapeds

    USF ME-MSN Summer 2020

    I still haven't heard anything 🤷🏽‍♀️ guess they forgot about me hahaha
  8. sashapeds

    USF ME-MSN Summer 2020

    Yes, CONGRATS!! I didn't get the last email with the update on when the decisions would go out, and didn't get any email today. Anyone else?
  9. sashapeds

    USF ME-MSN Summer 2020

    I didn't get an email hmm. Did you all get them at the same time?
  10. sashapeds

    USF ME-MSN Summer 2020

    I didn’t get that email 😅😅😅
  11. sashapeds

    Mount Saint Mary's University - Summer 2020 - ABSN

    Hey. I never did an interview as my emails were going answered 🤷🏻‍♀️ But I just got an acceptance today!
  12. sashapeds

    Mount Saint Mary's University - Summer 2020 - ABSN

    I got an email a few weeks ago requesting an interview to be set up, but then didn't hear anything back. I just got a VM today from Kat saying she had randomly missed 24 voicemails and a bunch of emails are going out/coming in, so she asked me to schedule an interview. Hopefully you guys hear something soon, too!
  13. sashapeds

    University of Miami ABSN Summer 2020

    Hey guys I just got my acceptance today! Not 100% sure I'm going as I got into a few other schools; does anyone have any additional info on the program?? Thanks in advance and congrats to everyone!
  14. sashapeds

    Saint Louis University AMSN Fall 2020

    I got in as well!! Now I have some decisions to make haha. Is anyone 100% going? Does anyone know more about the program (and city?) I’d be coming from CA. Thanks in advance!! Congrats everyone!
  15. sashapeds

    MGH IHP ABSN Summer 2020

    Hi! I just got my acceptance today!! AHH! So many questions lol. Is anyone going from out of state? Has anyone received information on financial aid yet? Thanks in advance!
  16. sashapeds

    Augusta University MSN CNL Fall 2020 Entry

    I called last week, same thing on my application. They said they're going through stuff this week and if it doesn't come off by tomorrow or friday then give them a call. It's just a matter of the SON and the office of admissions and the dean to all sign off on things, and sometimes it takes a while. We do not have to take the GRE if our GPA is higher than a 3.4 I believe (maybe 3.2?)