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    Using prn staff instead of posting day position

    But they aren’t on leave. It’s filling positions from employees retiring, going to another unit, and two were terminated. So in the last year we lost 5 or 6 on day shift and there haven’t been any positions posted. So they are hurting bad on day shift. But just rely on using contingent staff instead of posting positions.
  2. Lifeofanicunurse

    Using prn staff instead of posting day position

    I work as a full time on nights, some of my coworkers have been on nights over 10 years and are still waiting for a dayshift position to open up. Day shift is consistently staffed by contingent staff who are technically night shift who work full time hours. There are many days where day shift will be short and they ask nights to help out. These contingent nurses have been abusing the system and using it as full time hours without the commitment. How is this okay? What about all the night shift people who want to work days!? Especially since night shift is over staffed. Most days there are 8 nurses on, with 4 continents and sometimes a traveler float nurse. I am just feeling so frustrated. It seems the only way to get on days is to go contingent but work full time hours. Has anyone else experienced this?

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