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  1. Hello! I am new to allnurses and am looking for some insight. Where I work doesn't supply Foley kits, just the supplies for the catheters. So the other RNs use the sterile gloves as their sterile field. They open the gloves, then drop the catheter onto the field (which is really hard because it barely fits), but the thing that concerns me is they open the betadine and lay the handles of the swabs on the edge of their sterile field. I've asked the other RNs about it and people don't ever give me a clear answer. What is a way to do this without breaking the sterile field?? I've thought about opening betadine swabs and placing the package in a clean urine cup near the field but not touching it so I can just grab the swabs... Hoping for suggestions. Having someone there to hand me the swabs isn't an option. It's just a few nurses on a busy floor and they just tell you to do it yourself.

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