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    Professional References?

    Hello Casondra! Congratulations on coming to end in your nursing program! I am still in my my program and have not even completed my my preceptorship. I have talked to my clinical instructors about the employment process when finishing up the program. They eagerly stated they give professional references for their previous students and their previous students have gotten jobs. After all they worked a long side you in clinicals and watched you perform the skills! My clinical instructors still work as nurses, so their professional reference does carry weight to it. I do not know if your CIs still practice or not. I would use your CI and preceptor as a reference. I would also not worry about not working over the past few months, employers know how difficult it is to work while in nursing school. This is just my .02 cents, hopefully some veterans on the topic can way in. Congrats again and best o' luck in the job hunting.

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