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  1. I think a lot of nurses that worked as techs many years ago dont appreciate how much physically heavier patient's have gotten. I routinely take care of 12-16 patient's as a tech. It's virtually guaranteed you are always going to have some back breakers mixed in, usually multiple. So physically you never get a break. Even mentally its rough because with that many you are always gonna have some patient with behavioral issues or some demanding family that sees you as the hired help, but that probably hasnt changed from years ago. Years ago nearly every bed bound patient got a foley. Now you have bedbound bariatric patients getting diaretics with no foley. That takes a serious toll on techs. The physical toll is rough. Some units at our hospital have been wiped out by injuries or techs quitting because they've had enough.
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    New ICU PCT

    Be very careful about your orthopedic health, in particular your back. I work at an extremely large hospital and Injury rates for PCTs are through the roof. Far higher than they are for Nurses, because you have far more patients. This is especially the case in ICU's, where RNs have 1 or 2 patients but PCTs way more. Back and shoulder injuries are especially common and I have seen several people lose their Nursing career, job and even ability to work while working as a PCT. ER's are usually great places to work and have a fairly low injury rate, the floors can vary from no more physically demanding to the ER, to worse than the ICUs, but usually the ICUs and rehab units are the most physically dangerous for PCTs. Most hospitals are becoming a lot stricter about safety because patients are getting so heavy, but this isnt always the case. If it isnt a hospital with a strict safety culture, run away from the job as fast as you can. Whatever knowledge you gain isnt worth the risk unless you are the very end of Nursing school and just work a few shifts here and there. Nurses are usually fairly well protected, especially if they have a union, and they have many options should they become injured. This isnt the case for PCTs, and people incorrectly believe that should they become injured they will be taken care of. This is not always the case. The hospital I work at is notoriously ruthless towards injured techs, and its not a case of if you get injured, but when.

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