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  1. So sorry for the long, somewhat confusing post but I'm at a fork in the road and cant make up my mind so I need some outside advice. Background: Prior to starting NP school, I was an OR RN circulator for 3 years at Hospital A. Hospital A's OR department got news in May 2019 they were moving to a new location across town in Feb 2020. In light of this news, Hosptials A's OR staff got split between going to the Hosptial A's new OR location or accept an offer for a lateral transition to a new orthopedic OR that is affiliated with the hosptial A, BUT..... staff will be hired under Hosptial B. After getting this news in May, I chose to move to another department in July of 2019 (urgent care) at Hospital A figuring it would be a good place to be while in NP school. Situation: I'm currently half way through my NP program, my area of interest in which I'd like to practice in when done with NP school is orthopedics and assist in the OR. Now, I have an opportunity to still take the job offer with Hospital B and go back to the OR doing orthopedics as an RN circulator part time. Pros: Networking with Ortho providers, NP jobs listing in my city for orthopedics prefer RN experience in the OR and in orthopedics. I'll be getting the orthopedic experience that can potentially help me get into orthopedics as a NP. Apparently getting into a specialty as a NP is very difficult unless you have contacts and experience so this would benefit my future career. Cons going back to the OR: I will be working for a new hosptial, new employer, new surgeons, will be working 2 - 10hr shifts compared to currently doing 2 - 12hr shifts, so ill be taking a pay cut and I'll have to earn my keep or I could wind up jobless. So.... I can't decide if I should stay with Hosptisl A in the urgent care while in NP school. I've been an RN with Hospital A for a total of 5 years, 2 years floor nursing and 3 years OR. I've only been at my new position in urgent care for 6 months and in all honesty, it hasn't really made any difference in learning while in NP school. This OR transition starts next month so if I'm going to make a move I need to make a decision this month on what to do, turn in my resignation and join this orthopedic OR team or stay at the hospital I've been with for 5 years. Pros staying with Hosptial A in urgent care: Job security, seniority, low stress job and can learn while I work but internal medicine is NOT where I want to be when I finish school... I've been on the fence since November on what to do and Hosptial B wants an answer ASAP. I can't decide what to do, so I'm coming to you all for your wisdom and advice. Question: Should I take the big gamble on joining a new Hosptial, new employer, no real job security as I'm new there and need to earn my keep. I'll be back in OR and do orthopedics, get plenty of mentorship and networking with ortho docs and possibly have the chance to get hired in an orthopedic position when done with NP school. Or... stay with Hospital A at urgent care where I have job security and seniority but getting into orthopedics as a NP will be very challenging to do with no contacts or experience.

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