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MsPurple20 has 6 years experience and specializes in BSN, RN CEN.

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  1. VA Retention and Bonuses

    We are currently receiving a 45% x 8 pay period retention bonus with a 2-year commitment contract. We have to stay in an eligible position, my friends in PACT/OR/CCU are also receiving the same amount. So, save to say, any nursing position that is ac...
  2. VA nspb action timeline

    Hello everybody, I am looking for some feedback and help on VA board actions. I was boarded at the VA in 2020 as nurse 1 step 8. At that point I had 3 years' experience, including charge and preceptor duties, specialty certification, as well as ...
  3. VA PBNR in Dallas

    Yup starting Monday too.
  4. VA hiring process 2020

    Hey, Just checking in with you for an update? How was your orientation? How is your experience thus far? Are they going to keep you at nurse II step 12?
  5. VA hiring process 2020

    Hey, Just checking in with you for an update? Did you start yet? How is your experience thus far? Are they going to keep you at nurse II step 12?
  6. VA hiring process 2020

    It all depends on how much has to be verified for credentialing. How many jobs have to be verified? How much education and how many certifications and licenses have to be verified? This is highly individual and not necessarily possible to compare one...
  7. VA hiring process 2020

    Yeah, you probably still got several months... I felt the same way as you! But I am ready! I’m just over this wait. I got my tentative offer in April! It takes about one week to get blood and urine results from your physical. Credentialing takes the ...
  8. VA hiring process 2020

    Typically I would wait 1-2 weeks after I completed a task (Such as the equip) and then reach out to my hr specialist requesting an update. I read somewhere on here to keep bugging them. It also gave me peace of mind. Just knowing it’s going forward a...
  9. VA PBNR in Dallas

    Yes I have done it already! Took about 10 days until I was notified that that step is completed. I’m just practicing patience.
  10. VA PBNR in Dallas

    I’m in the same boat! April: Tentative offer May/June: vetpro, Equip, physical, blood, urine testing July: PSB reviewed my dimensions. Now I’m just waiting on my official offer and start date!
  11. VA hiring process 2020

    Your best bet is to ask your hr specialist. That’s the person that’s either in phone or email contact with you. You could also ask the nurse recruiter at the particular facility. Do you know if your packet went to the VA nursing board yet? Have you ...
  12. VA hiring process 2020

    I agree the process can vary between the different VAs. Have you heard anything new? I have done everything there was to be done, just waiting on my firm offer and salary for a permanent position.
  13. VA hiring process 2020

    And did you hear anything yet? I am also waiting, finished physical/urine/blood last week. Fingerprinting, Vetpro, and equip completed last month. I was told by HR that they have all of my reference checks completed and are in the process of verifyin...
  14. VA hiring process 2020

    It all depends on how bad your particular VA needs you. There is no one answer that fits all to this, unfortunately... It also depends on if you are hired for an expedited position or not. I did my fingerprints last week and was sent the link for EQI...
  15. VA hiring process 2020

    WOW!! That is great, congratulations! Do you mind sharing how much experience you have as an NP?