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  1. CAFFEINEgtt

    WGU and Flu Shot Declination Pre-Licensure BSN

    Thanks for responding. Yea, I read this in the handbook, too. I'm asking for any info from anyone who has had any experience in this situation in regards to WGU. I think there aren't many WGU Florida prelicensure program students on this forum (not only on this subject but other topics as well). I'll reach out. Thank you!
  2. CAFFEINEgtt

    WGU and Flu Shot Declination Pre-Licensure BSN

    Thank you, Chare! Now I'll have to find out the AdventHealth policies for students, then go from there. TY!
  3. Hi, I'm awaiting possible acceptance to the WGU pre-license BSN program. I'm concerned about clinical placement since I decline the flu shot yearly. Before anti anti-vacxxers attack me, I have all other vacs required for the program! I do not want to get into a con/pro flu vac debate. I work at the healthcare system where WGU clinical will be had and I declined the flu shot at work as well. We are then required I have to wear a mask in clinical areas per policy. The question is whether the flu declination will hinder me from continuing on in the rest of the program after the pre-nursing 1st semester is done? Do you think a facility could have different policies for employees then they do for students? I don't know if I can pose this question to WGU until I'm well into the 1st semester and when we are due to gather all the requirements (drug test, immunizations, physical, health ins, etc) before going into the 2nd semester so they can start the placement process. Anyone with any info (from any state) please weigh in on your experience or even what you have heard. Thank you!

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