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  1. Hey, was the BSN worth it? I see ADN's still. I'll have my BSN next month. Was it worth the investment? And are ADN's being fazed out?
  2. there is another guy on here that said nursing isn't evidenced based practice. It's good to know that when your giving emergency treatment, that somebody with a license is just going to go with their gut!
  3. Are you a nurse or a patient? I just said that him and Obama are smart. I'm pretty sure Hillary is too. ----------------------------
  4. He's the president, wealthy, and he went to an Ivy league school and did well. You think he doesn't know what he's doing? He also has advisors who are lawyers, judges, etc. I don't think this applies to life saving procedures. Saying Trump is not intelligent is like Saying Obama isn't intelligent. They're smart.
  5. Perplex

    Needing Some Career Advice

    Nursing school is very easy compared to other majors. I am in an accelerated BSN program, 2nd degree, and it's easy. Problem is that if you don't work in a big hospital in the Bay Area, CA, you're not going to make much. There are also a lot of nurses that can't get jobs. I would say that if it's something you want to do, go for it. It's going to be a lot easier than getting a degree in physics, picking strawberries, or working out like Manny Pacquiao.
  6. Perplex

    Should Social Media shut down Conspiracy Theories?

    I read your comment because of that cat.
  7. Perplex


    A lot of them don't work. Or they end up working for a lot less than what they paid for the program. It is an unfortunate reality that school recruiters won't tell you because you pay their rent. A lot of new grads pursue their masters and become teachers or just become clinical instructors and teach the new batch of nurses. Kind of like a pyramid scheme.
  8. Perplex

    Concordia College ABSN 2020

    I would look up Concordia Nursing school closure on Youtube. They have new reports on it closing in Oregon and I believe in Texas in the next month. Good luck.
  9. Perplex

    Concordia College ABSN 2020

    Is this correct? Concordia closed its nursing programs on the west coast. Be careful you guys.
  10. You have an inflated self esteem, and then you complain that Doctors are narcissists. Grow up
  11. I think most learning problems come from poor teaching or unnecessary stress. These programs are not difficult, but a lot of teachers make it seem like they're teaching scientists to find a cure for cancer or making a rocket to stop an asteroid. It's mostly nonsense to boost egos of insecure people. I know for fact that there were students who were getting Cs that were smarter than me. I get As. They were just so stressed, they tried to learn the whole book while I just remembered the stuff I thought would make me a bad *** nurse. We even had people who were one semester ahead of us talk to us like they were Captain America. They were probably lousy students, and people were buying their nonsense. It's mind boggling.
  12. Perplex

    Does Trump have Covid?

    And this my good lady is why the state compact should not apply to California and travel nurses should not be allowed to work in California unless their is a shortage of nurses. I do not live in California, but... I respect the work that they did to achieve what they have; high pay and safe working standards. People in other states who didn't bleed and sweat to make the changes in their state because they were either too scared or lacked the drive, do not deserve what California has. You guys are awesome!
  13. Perplex

    Does Trump have Covid?

    Unfortunately, this is not true. The DNC railroaded Bernie Sanders. Jill Stein was accused of being a Trojan Horse. I am a member of the Green Party and campaigned for her. Remember, Hillary Clinton called nurses overpaid maids and minority kids Super Predators. Rand Paul is not Ron Paul and unfortunately Jill Stein will never run again. It doesn't matter anyways, Donald Trump is going to win big. Joe Biden's voting record and previous political stances hold a lot more weight than his rhetoric and unlike Bernie Sanders who let Biden slide, Trump won't. Regardless of my political view, I didn't vote for Trump or Obama, I support this country's president because this is my home. Cheers!
  14. Perplex

    Does Trump have Covid?

    They seem the same to me. I would say Jill Stein and Ron Paul are the real liberals and conservatives the others vote the same. I was a Jill Stein supporter. The DNC hates me more than the GOP. According to the DNC, I’m a Russian agent and work with Trump.
  15. Perplex

    Does Trump have Covid?

    Are you off your meds?
  16. Perplex

    Brookline College - AZ accelerated

    Can you explain the process? I have to take more classes to take the NCLEX in Nevada. Can you elaborate?

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