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  1. I have to agree. I have been in a similar situation. Either don't do it at all, or be very careful in what and how you say things and present yourself. If you have fought this for a year and yet to see changes, they probably are not going to happen. Admin usually stick together tightly. Don't feel like you have lost the battle, sounds like you have a full plate.
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    job loss

    caliotter- That would be a great plan. Unfortunately theses are small rural hospitals. Travel is required over an hour to bigger facilities. Not that its out of the question. Thanks
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    job loss

    Good morning caffeinatednurse In that particular position i reported to the CNO and the COO ( only because COO had more surgery experience then the CNO). They fired the CNO and hired the COO's wife to be a director over 3 areas which one of those included mine.So those of us who were directors over our departments, were dropped to managers and she became the new director over several departments. So between the husband and wife they managed every department in the hospital. He had the ancillary and she nursing. The new director would have meeting with my then staff and change they way they do things without telling me. Then they would come to me confused about everything from what to chart to patient care. She would try to change. Since they fired the CNO they were training a new nurse for that position who background was long term care and QI. She was not a support person to help us. HR assured us none of us would lose our jobs over her. I was asked for a resignation with a nice severance with it. Since that time they have release 2 more directors for a total of 4 directors and the CNO.
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    job loss

    I am new to this site, not new to nursing. I have been a nurse for over 17 years. I am putting this out here looking for advice from others that I do not know.,but are in the nursing,medical field. I have my close friends and nurses that I talk with, but needing a neutral opinion. Over 10 years ago i was hired as a specialty nurse right out of school. Worked for 8 years and then lost my job to bad behavior, with compensation. The background to this is the manager that hired me had a medical issue 6 years into my employment. They had to leave. This position was never posted, they just asked one of my co workers to take over. This particular co worker I knew since grade school. This new manager hired new nurses and sorta formed their own league and i felt ousted. I was the one with the most seniority and was treated poorly. Not saying I didn't have some attitude so to speak.( How do you think I felt never being offered the job) , but I got along and worked with everyone, but we all know how "clicks" work. Next thing i know I was pulled into the CNO office and told i could get a slap on the wrist or ask for my resignation. I am never able to work for that company again, so I'm told. Fast forward 6 years later I am in a Director position. 2 years into the position management changes and there is now a husband wife managers. Needless to say the wife did like me and i lost that job too. So two job losses. A bit devastating. Thoughts, opinions, constructive criticism. I would greatly appreciate it.