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  1. Sssejlava

    Help!!! CACI and past CPS, will stop me from nursing?

    What kind of docs/letters are they asking for ? If you dont mind me asking? Are you in California?! I moved to Missouri from California but I eventualy plan to go back but i also am on the registery & wonder if I should still go for nursing or not i Just dont want to have to pay all the money if i wont be able to become a nurse
  2. Sssejlava

    Help!!! CACI and past CPS, will stop me from nursing?

    Were you able to get your license because of it? I am currently in a similar situation with my name being on the registery.
  3. Sssejlava


    I want to pursue my career in nursing but, 3 years ago I got a misdemeanor DUI & cps got involved because my child was in the car at the time. I got pulled over at a stop sign, he was not harmed or anything but because of that I got put on the child abuse index registery. I was also a CNA at the time of the incident and dealt with the BON and they took my license away or so they said because i was still working up until a year after and I moved states. Would anybody know if it would be worth giving it a shot for nursing program? I just dont want to waist my time and get rejected because of my past mistakes

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