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  1. One Glass of Wine. PETH Test. Did I mess up?

    From everything I've read it sounds like you have to drink quite a bit on one occasion to test positive. Good luck and let us know the outcome!
  2. Job hunting while monitored

    I bring it up at the interview. If you walk in with confidence and you are an good nurse, youd be surprised how many employers will work with you. Personally I've brought it up right at the begining and also been to some where I waited until the en...
  3. Drop your monthly testing average here please.

    I've been selected on a M, W, and F before!
  4. Drop your monthly testing average here please.

    Hello, my order states I will have "no less than 49 screens per year". I average one per week but I have had 3 in one week before. I've also had one blood test. I've never been tested on a holiday or a weekend.
  5. Abnormal urine

    They have started a new check in process as of last week and its created some problems at the testing site so we've basically been doing it the old way still until they figure it out. Nothing ever came of the "abnormal urine" they said it could be so...
  6. Abnormal urine

    Hello. So FSS started using a new portal and system check in a while back and I've noticed a few of my results are "redacted" and abnormal but not dilute. Not positive either What could that be? They won't tell me anything at the lab. The last time ...
  7. I missed a check in, in Ohio. Help!

    If it's your first time usually you get a warning. My CM told me if they start to see a pattern there could be action against my license
  8. Test suspended /unavailable results on affinity lab test

    I am currently going through the same with first source. The other day my result initially showed as "abnornal" so I inquired and got an email from first source saying the wrong ID number was used (we recently switched systems and I was unaware we ar...
  9. Probation question

    I would think you would be fine. I did have an friend who was on probation that got fired from 3 or 4 different jobs and finally the board investigated.
  10. Peth test turnaround

    Wow, that is crazy. I have 2.5 years left. They didn't say anything about restarting but I'm wondering if this will be an issue when I apply for full licensure at the end of my 2.5 years. I am in the program for DUIs I got before I became a nurse. Ot...
  11. PETH test questions

    I had a few drinks exactly one week before my peth test and nothing at all for weeks before that and I failed. It sucks but lesson learned!
  12. Peth test turnaround

    You hang in there too. I hope you can keep your job, let us know how it goes!
  13. Peth test turnaround

    That's exactly what I did too when I had my peth. I was honest and upfront and basically begged them for forgiveness but they didn't care ?‍♀️ license got suspended and I can apply for a termination of suspension after showing 3 months of successful ...
  14. Peth test turnaround

    Sorry to say but you will most likely not pass. It sucks but you just have to accept whatever they are going to do and move forward.
  15. the site doesn't let me send you a private message.   do you have another way I can contact you?  thank you

    1. StacyLynnRN


      You can email me if youd like