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  1. Hi all, I am seeking advice because I am stuck on two job offers with major hospitals. 1. NYP - part-time days: 7 shifts/month, Med Surg ($46/hr) (w/ potential to pick up more shifts based on seniority), 45 min commute 2. Northwell - full-time nights, Med Surg ($49/hr), 1 hour commute *Both affiliated with NYSNA I am a new graduate RN BSN, and I know that these are two major health care companies. I intend on pursuing my NP in the future and I want to weigh each offer with pros/cons. Originally, my heart was set on NYP because I volunteered there prior to applying to the hospital BUT its the "part-time" aspect I am worried about. As a new graduate, I want to spend as much time as possible working in the hospital and developing my nursing skills. BUT, NYP is one of the top 5 hospitals in the US to work at. As for Northwell, one con that is holding me back is that it's not one of the "major" campuses. It is one of the lesser-known ones that is still affiliated under Northwell. I would greatly appreciate any helpful advice (especially if you're working in either NYP or Northwell).

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