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  1. SummerRN

    UTA FNP Spring 2020

    University of Phoenix (UOP), I decided to just do the BSN - it’s 11 classes. 5 weeks each. 13 months
  2. SummerRN

    UTA FNP Spring 2020

    Yes, the RN-MSN/FNP
  3. SummerRN

    UTA FNP Spring 2020

    Hi, I finished my first class. It was great, about 15 hours/wk, I got an A. Unfortunately though my transcript eval came back with some surprises. I have a bachelors from UCSB and an ADN but UTA wanted me to repeat 3 math classes algebra and pre calc - despite having as full year of college calculus. They wanted me to repeat English 1, 2 and writing- philosophy-history- basically all my GEs. They wouldn’t even accept my developmental psychology. They said I could appeal each course if I could get the course syllabi’s etc. I already have over 220 units. There was no way I was going to repeat all my GEs. So I just switched to UOP RN-BSN, 11 courses no surprises. I feel I was really mislead by the UTA recruiter and am now out 5 weeks of time and $1000.
  4. SummerRN

    UTA FNP Spring 2020

    I am starting the RN-BSN-FNP next week. Just wondering if anyone has gotten feedback on the average weekly time commitment?

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