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  1. Possibilities

    (side note, please use "Hawaiian" only to refer to the native people and the culture ie food dance language etc. not just anything pertaining to Hawai'I. but anyways) Jobs are definitely available for you! The job market is tight for those who l...
  2. Oahu nurse pay rate

    I want to say that's on the lower end. Of course, that also depends on which hospital and specialty you're in. I have aunties with less than 10 years experience earning around $60/hr, and I'd imagine their starting rates weren't too far from what the...
  3. KCC ADN FALL 2020

    @Kirsty Watt Best of of luck at HPU! You seem like a very driven person and I'm sure you'll do great there
  4. KCC ADN FALL 2020

    I got in?
  5. KCC ADN FALL 2020

    @kikiryryxforever so sorry to hear ? please stay persistent! you have amazing stats and I definitely see the potential for you to get in
  6. KCC ADN FALL 2020

    @Kirsty Watt WOW! I appreciate you so much! so so so great to hear. Good luck to everyone!
  7. KCC ADN FALL 2020

    @hooyahgetitin That's the spirit! I have faith that they'll work everything out and that next semester is on. We got this!
  8. KCC ADN FALL 2020

    I feel like they'll work things out. I was looking at threads of other current nursing school application cycles throughout the mainland and I only found one other program going through this but they ended up sorting things out too. Other programs ha...
  9. KCC ADN FALL 2020

    WOW! that sucks. Thanks for letting us know. Hopefully everything works out and everyone can keep moving forward?
  10. KCC ADN FALL 2020

    girl me too!! this wait got me so anxious and nervous it's all I can think about );
  11. KCC ADN FALL 2020

    I read from the other threads that they came as early as March 22 to as late as April 7 so I guess anytime in between. but I'm so anxious I want it now! lmao
  12. KCC ADN FALL 2020

    Don't be discouraged!! You have a good teas score so maybe if you just retake those C's you can really increase your chances. Unfortunately, they don't take other degrees and letters of recommendation into consideration but it's good that you have th...
  13. KCC ADN FALL 2020

    Thank you!! The minimum score for TEAS is still 78% according to the application
  14. KCC ADN FALL 2020

    Hey! this will be my first time applying also. My stats are... Prereqs: all As Coreqs: all As Experience: CNA certification but no work experience TEAS: 90.7% Best of luck to everyone applying! There's one little kink that might affect my eligibility...