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  1. ash_alford

    University of Minnesota MSN Fall 2020

    Congrats!!! When did you sign up for? I chose Tuesday morning, 2/4. Everthing thing I've read says it's pretty conversational but it's hard not to try and prepare since it's so far out! I'm doing my best not to think about it for now, haha.
  2. ash_alford

    Master of Nursing U of M 2017 Cohort Applicants

    @lhanka @extasy @abue Hello all! A few of us Fall 2020 cohort applicants have been chatting in a newer thread in the Nursing Students - School/College Programs forum. Come join us if you'd like!
  3. ash_alford

    University of Minnesota MSN Fall 2020

    Glad I finally found a post for this program! The UofM is definitely my top choice and I’m so anxious waiting for the interview emails. Good luck everyone! How did the application process feel for you guys? It was my first time using NursingCAS so I’m just hoping I didn’t miss anything! Also, for those of your finishing prerequisites: you can update course grades from last semester in the transcript section now!

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