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  1. verr.0

    OU Nursing 2020 (Traditional program)

    Hey, good luck to you! I hear it takes a month until they released the decisions (might be longer depending on the volume), but your GPA is really good tho, I'm sure you'll get in.
  2. verr.0

    OU Nursing 2020 (Traditional program)

    Hey did you happen to get an email saying something about conditional admission ? I got an email about it and I’m not sure what that is about :/
  3. Has anyone applied for OU traditional nursing program for Fall 2020? I just applied mine, and stressing out and wanting to know if anybody applied as well so I can discuss this with someone. I just want to know what is your overall GPA, and science GPA. My overall GPA is 3.93 and science is 3.6. I know OU nursing is competitive and I'm worried about my science GPA since that is the most important factor to get into their nursing program.

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