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  1. BoldNurse

    New Nurse and I'm stressed

    I have been in a similar place- questioning my career choice and thinking nursing wasn't the fulfilling career I expected. I kept changing jobs too, thinking I would find the perfect fit. The thing that has helped me the most is realizing that I am the creator of my experience and there truly is no "perfect job" or "perfect career" out there. What matter more than the tasks of your job is what you BELIEVE about your job. I know that sounds weird, but if you tell yourself tour job is a burden or something you HAVE to do, you will dread it. If you tell yourself you are making a valuable impact on the world and that you have an important contribution to make, you will feel fulfilled in your work. There's a podcast I love called Thriving Nurse and there's an episode I think you'd enjoy called Fall in Love with Nursing. It teaches you how to change your mindset about your job so you can find more joy and satisfaction. Hope it helps and wishing you the best!
  2. BoldNurse

    New Grad RN Med-Surg: Is this right for me?

    The good news is you're totally normal. As a new nurse and in a new job, feeling totally incompetent and overwhelmed is EXACTLY how you should be feeling! It will get better with time, but for now, just get comfortable with being UNCOMFORTABLE. Sounds weird, but I promise you, that is the way to continue to grow and challenge yourself. There's a podcast I recommend called Thriving Nurse that talks all about this. I think you'd really enjoy the episode called New Nurse Thought Traps. Hope it helps and best of luck!
  3. BoldNurse

    Getting over your past mistakes?

    Sometimes it feels like dwelling on past mistakes is useful- like it will help prevent them from happening again. But as you have probably noticed, worrying about the past actually makes you less able to concentrate and be an effective nurse now, making it MORE likely you'll make errors. For me, it's been really helpful to pay attention to my thoughts and what result they give me in my life. I've been listening to a podcast called Thriving Nurse. There's an episode called New Nurse Thought Traps I think you would find helpful. Even though you aren't a new new nurse, I think what this episode talks about applies to everyone and helps us be more intentional about what we think so our thoughts don't spiral like this.
  4. BoldNurse

    Getting Angry When Overwhelmed, Need Advice

    One thing that has helped me take some pressure off myself is instead of worrying about what my coworkers or manager or anyone else thinks of me at the end of a shift, is I ask my self "What do I think of me?" Do I feel good about how I spent my time? Do I think I worked hard for my patients and took care of the top priority issue when I made decisions. If I stand by the choices I made, then it's okay if my coworkers don't understand or disapprove. Also, odds are they aren't mad at you, they are also just stressed about their shift and wanting to prepare just like you do. Have you heard of the podcast Thriving Nurse? It's a self-care podcast for nurses and teaches nurses emotional balance skills and stress management but focusing on things they can actually control. I have found it super helpful and recommend checking it out!

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