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  1. Hi Davida, I, too, have been told that I could not register for graduate classes as a non-degree student from many, many schools and others have said to "get permission" which has been ridiculous. I was even registered and paid in full for a January course and then the class was cancelled. UGGH. I have been chasing this around and around and had not been successful until today. Today I was able to "get permission" to register at UMASS Medical in BOSTON for online Advanced Pathophysiology course that starts next week. I will try to add a link for you but certainly check it out. There is advanced pharmacology too. As a non-degree student, we are allowed to take 2 graduate courses only from some programs but others will refuse you. I hope this helps https://www.umb.edu/registrar/forms Fluffy
  2. fluffy

    CRNA program RE-applicants 2021 start

    Hi, I too applied to various CRNA programs and did not get any interviews. I took the GRE (may have to retake), Have all the chemistry(A's), BSN with a 4.0, Graduate Biostatistics (A), CCRN, PALS,ACLS, BLS and been working as a travel nurse to level 1 hospitals. I reached out to all the programs and none of them were able to tell me why I was not invited and what I can do to improve my chances for next cohort. They keep saying, "It is competitive" I don't know what more to do and I am impressed and intimidated by everyone's credentials. I am going to apply again but I would love any suggestions that could help me improve.
  3. Thank you everyone I will definitely take the graduate course in pharmacology and continue in the ICU. I appreciate the advice greatly since I am trying to figure this stuff out alone. This application process is crazy and competitive and I really want to get in this field. I had applied to many CRNA programs and not one invite for an interview. I have a low GPA from 25 years ago but the committees continue to use it against me despite my 4.0 in my BSN and my extensive experience. I have taken one Graduate level biostatistics course (A) and have my CCRN. I don't know what else to do to show them I am good enough for their programs.
  4. Hi I am trying to improve upon my application for 2021 cohort and I understand that it is recommended to take graduate pathophysiology or advanced pharmacology. I am also seeing that I can take an online continuing education from nurses.com and get a certification (It is a 25 hour online course). How do the admission committees of CRNA schools view the certifications? This one is specifically for advance pharmacology for the practicing nurse. Is it best to take the graduate course and would it automatically be transferred in so as I wouldn't need to take it again if accepted into the program? I also am trying to retake the GRE test and I work full time at a Level 1 hospital . Any thoughts or suggestions would be appreciated. Thank you GL

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