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  1. juanofakind1016

    What does deployment look like

    I am contemplating AF. I have been a nurse for almost 11 years. The last 9 years in critical care (4 years surgical/ last 5 years CC float pool). I’ve had my BSN since 2017. I’m married with 3 kids (8, 6, 4yo)
  2. juanofakind1016

    What does deployment look like

    So with pending development happening over in Iraq/Iran, I was curious, What does deployment look like for critical care nurses in the military. How long are you deployed for? Where have you been deployed to? As CC nurses, what is your roll while being deployed? Any information would help. My wife has so many questions and would love information to provide to her. Thanks
  3. juanofakind1016

    What is an Accession bonus

    I was doing some research about critical care nursing in the military. I came across DFAS Health Accession Bonus FY2020 Critical Care nursing has a $100,000 bonus for a 4 year obligation. Can someone confirm this and is the bonus given up front or split up over the 4 years?
  4. juanofakind1016

    ICU nursing in the AF

    So I have been a nurse for 10 years now, the last 8 years as an ICU nurse at 2 large hospitals. Some back story, I did 2 years of AFROTC in college when I was studying to be an electrical engineer, was on scholarship/inactive reserve and withdrew because I couldn't see the engineering. So instead of being kicked out, I opted to withdraw. I ended up getting my ADN and worked med/surg for a year, then ER at a level one trauma center. Got married and moved back home and worked at the Trauma 1 center at home in the surgical ICU. I got my BSN 3 years ago. I am now at a point in my life where I want to revisit commissioning in the AF. I have read that my ADN experience may not count towards anything even though it has been in critical care at large tertiary care centers. I plan on talking with a recruiter but I also plan on taking the next year to lose some weight and get my CCRN. I do have my BLS, ACLS, NRP, NIHS, and hopefully get my TNCC as well. I would like to do critical care in the AF What are your thoughts

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