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Rogue1 has 5 years experience and specializes in Pediatrics.

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  1. Rogue1

    Fake News: Nursing Shortage Due to Covid

    Most professional nursing organizations advocate more for patients then they do for nurses. And, as many have already mentioned here, workplace administrations advocate for the bottom line and see nurses as obstacles to that. I am thinking the only...
  2. Excellent article. This topic needs to be discussed industry-wide. Meanwhile, bedside PRNs at my hospital have been waiting 4 1/2 years for a raise....
  3. Rogue1

    Can I handle peds?

    Follow your heart and gut--try peds out! There are many different types of units/jobs within a peds hospital or clinic--you can move around until you find the one that appeals most to you. I have been working in peds (acute care, med/surg floor) fo...
  4. Ways to afford pricey things on an RN wage: 1) inherit a ton of money 2) go into debt up to your eyeballs (and enjoy the feeling for a lifetime) 3) win the lottery/find a briefcase full of money on the street 4) get an advanced de...
  5. Rogue1

    Dr. Sean Conley's flubbed updates on Trump

    I've been thinking the same thing about this Dr. Conley--he does not even remotely sound like any doctor I have worked with. He obfuscates and sounds unprofessional. I would not be surprised if he is being bullied into saying things in particular w...
  6. Macawake, thank you for your very thoughtful and nuanced response. I agree with many of your points. It is irritating how when one wishes to have a thoughtful and nuanced discussion the self-appointed freedom fighters will try to slap the topic shu...
  7. So...are you saying that person A's freedom is more important that person B's life? There are always limits to your 'freedoms', whether you admit to them or not.
  8. Rogue1

    Discussion about use of Valved Masks

    Thanks for bringing up the topic--I have been wondering about this! (Can someone fix the links to the articles? I'd love to read them!) My hospital has given us 3M model 8511 respirators with valves (to be used up to 33 times before getting a new o...
  9. Rogue1

    Are Sanitized N95 Masks Safe for Reuse?

    At my hospital: (as of April 9) we get one N95 mask to be worn for 3 shifts, after which you get to turn it in for UV sanitizing We are to use them through 10 UV treatments, which means 33 wearings (considering you can wear it 3 more times after the...
  10. Rogue1

    Kern County ER Docs C-19

    Not sure who originally said this, but you know what they say: "There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies, and statistics." First thing we should do with statistics is examine them relentlessly--what was asked, who was the sample, what is it...
  11. Rogue1

    VP Mike Pence visiting Mayo Clinic - Not Wearing a Mask

    The Mayo Clinic should have cancelled the tour and photo ops if he refused to wear one. They should have followed their own policy and protected their patients--the people they are accountable to. And Pence should have shown some modicum of intelli...
  12. Rogue1

    Kern County ER Docs C-19

    So let me get this straight: these guys are NOT currently ER docs yet they are both wearing scrubs that specifically say "Emergency Physician" and the first guys states they are giving "an ER physician" perspective of what is going on? If they do no...
  13. Rogue1

    Covid-19: What Nurses Can Teach

    Very constructive topic--great suggestions!! I wonder how we can help get even MORE people to get used to wearing masks in public. Can we partner with public health departments and nursing organizations to distribute posters to grocery stores, etc....
  14. This is a virus--it does not care what you like or want. It will spread and kill the way it has shown it does in other countries. Everybody wants to get back to normal (or whatever our new normal will be). We can only do that with a comprehensive p...
  15. Let's ask those in high risk jobs what they think. And you can help get this country "move on" by helping out in an area where they need it. Don't just complain from the easy and safer distance.