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Rogue1 has 6 years experience and specializes in Pediatrics.

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  1. Daisy Award

    Only certain types of patients/family members will nominate someone for a Daisy award. You could be putting your all into some horrible patient with poor coping skills just because you know it is the right thing to do while your colleague with the e...
  2. NICU Nurses Are Not Nannies

    When you are changing diapers, feeding, etc, you are doing important assessments. Think of it that way, as your opportunity to observe and chart carefully. And try to empathize with the parents--they are in a very alien environment both physically ...
  3. How do you re-prime primary tubing?

    At my facility we have small 50ml NS bags that can be connected to the primary line, and there is usually always an order in for 'NS flush'.
  4. How do you re-prime primary tubing?

    Why battle with large amount of air in the line at all? Better to just put your small NS bag on the primary tubing and add secondary tubing to run the abx.
  5. What is School Nursing in 2022?

    Excellent overview. I don't think the average (non-nurse) person--or even school administrators--has even a whiff of a clue about what school nursing involves. Hats off to school nurses!!
  6. Interesting article--thank you! I work in peds so I see this on a regular basis, but I did not realize recurrence can be so tenacious. From the outside it can seem like not such a big deal but for the patients battling it (especially the older ones...
  7. Lock Downs - Do you think they were necessary?

    Yes I do. People forget that the purpose of lockdowns was to prevent the collapse of our healthcare system. Everywhere would have become like NYC, and quickly. It would have decimated our health care system.
  8. Staff Nursing is Exhausting

    But how many pizzas did you get?? Joking aside, it amazes me how management STILL ignores adequate retention incentives.
  9. Report it. Surely you can do it in a way that keeps your name out of it, but for the minors' sake you cannot just look the other way. Imagine if this were your kid.
  10. Healthcare Workers Still Love Their Jobs

    There is a big difference between what you do and how you are expected to do it. I think we have to be really careful in separating those. On my med/surg floor we have lost many long time staff, and they were all very conflicted about leaving--lovi...
  11. Nursing Home NA nightmare

    So sorry to hear of your situation. It is not acceptable patient safety (let alone care), and it is not a sustainable work situation for you. Not only are the patients in danger, you are at risk of loosing your license. I assume appeals to up...
  12. Addressing the Nursing Burnout Crisis

    Solution: Unionize. Pool together to get your workplace needs met by admin. And reject anyone who tells you that 'recharging' and 'regenerating' yourself individually is the way to solve this problem. The problem is with the system therefore it i...
  13. Fake News: Nursing Shortage Due to Covid

    Most professional nursing organizations advocate more for patients then they do for nurses. And, as many have already mentioned here, workplace administrations advocate for the bottom line and see nurses as obstacles to that. I am thinking the only...
  14. Excellent article. This topic needs to be discussed industry-wide. Meanwhile, bedside PRNs at my hospital have been waiting 4 1/2 years for a raise....
  15. Can I handle peds?

    Follow your heart and gut--try peds out! There are many different types of units/jobs within a peds hospital or clinic--you can move around until you find the one that appeals most to you. I have been working in peds (acute care, med/surg floor) fo...