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    ADN or BSC??

    hi good day to all.. i just found out about this forum a few days ago from a youtube video and im hoping i can get some insight on mu issue. i am a 34 year old second year nursing student doing the ADN course. its a 3 year course in my caribbean counrty and im looking to move to canada with my family when im done. my question is there any province in canada that i can work with an associate degree? im planning to move with my family which includes my husband, my step son, my son and my daughter. my issue is my oldest son is 16 years old and will be older by the time im done with my degree. i am going to purse the bachelors degree as soon as im done with the associates degree, hopefully, but im fear that my oldest son will be too old to add as a dependent hence the reason i wanted to migrate with my associate degree and would then work on my bachelors degree.. im not leaving without him..any advice?

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