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Queenbee specializes in Mental health.

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  1. Anyone got accepted for Ontario tech rpn bridging for Sept 2020?
  2. Queenbee

    Centennial college Rpn to rn bridging Sept 2020

    @oneday_rn may ask which one of the programs are you doing flexible or hybrid?
  3. Hi everyone, Anyone got acceptance to centennial college rpn to rn bridging program for Sept 2020?
  4. Queenbee

    Waiting for CPNRE results Jan/Feb 2020

    @aGeorge. If you provided your personal email during cno application. Cno sends you an email via your personal email to alert you there is a mail in your CNO inbox to check for cno results. So results is by email basically.
  5. Queenbee

    Waiting for CPNRE results Jan/Feb 2020

    Hey everyone exam results are released via email 2 weeks after midpoint of exam window. Then the last set of results released after the last day of exam window.
  6. @Pawan 86 Did you wait for the school to send a letter to say you need to write Casper test? Or did you just went ahead online to the website registered and got a date?
  7. Queenbee

    Ontario Second Entry Nursing Fall 2020

    How does one book a date for Casper? Do I have to go the website set up an account and select a date? Or does the school set a date for the student? Please help!
  8. Queenbee

    Ontario colleges website

    Anyone know how to send documents to Ontario colleges eg. Cno registration certificate and rpn diploma? I realize documents cannot be uploaded to the website
  9. Queenbee

    Ontario RPN- RN

    @Stephanie0804. Athabasca university is legit. I have a friend doing their NP there
  10. Hi everyone just wanting to know when you apply through QUAC 105 for rpn to rn bridging does it say application cost $156 transcript $0 and supplementary fee $ 80 total is $236. Seem to be a lot of money to me . Please help
  11. Hi everyone, Just wanting know if anyone have done the Casper test? How did you prepare for it. In terms of books, past questions etc.
  12. Hi everyone, I would like to know if anyone has any info about nissisiping university in terms of the courses etc and how long did take to complete the rpn to rn bridging program. Thanks
  13. Queenbee

    Ontario RPN-RN Bridge September 2020 Intake

    @Kim thanks so much the info. It seem Mo/mac since I did my RPN at mohawk or George brown would be better choices for me. Centennial/ryerson is just too much applying to 2 different places.
  14. Queenbee

    Ontario RPN-RN Bridge September 2020 Intake

    @Kim thanks for honest opinion I was thinking the travelling to Oshawa would be too far as well and tiring. How does centennial/ryer program works. So after completing the one year bridging at centennial through OCAS paying the $95. Then , I have to pay another $120 again through QUAC to apply to ryerson Oh dear I'm confused??
  15. Queenbee

    Ontario RPN-RN Bridge September 2020 Intake

    Hi I'm thinking to apply to Ontario tech uni for rpn to rn bridging fall2020 as well but I will have to travel all the way from Oakville not sure if the travelling is worth it. May I ask is Ontario tech close to home for you why you really want to go there? But I'm thinking to apply to mohawk/McMaster since I completed my rpn at mohawk as well as George brown /trent and mohawk/Conestoga as back ups

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