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  1. FutureNurseTam

    VEEB CLASS OF 2020-2021

    @BMP1117 Hey hun, the math part was easy to me because I’m good in math and the reading wasn’t bad at all it’s just the time. But everything you said was right it. Compared to the TEAS exam this was easier
  2. FutureNurseTam

    VEEB CLASS OF 2020-2021

    @BMP1117 I’m going Saturday morning I’m here at the library studying and stressing Do they give a scientific calculator to use?
  3. FutureNurseTam

    Veeb 2020

    @BMP1117 Thank you so much for the info I’ll look it up and study
  4. FutureNurseTam

    LPN schools in NYC area 2020

    @PNGrad2001 thanks for replying! How was hunter Lpn program? Do you have any info on the teas exam and what to study?
  5. FutureNurseTam

    LPN schools in NYC area 2020

    Hello everyone, I’m currently looking for a LPN program to attend to. The schools I pick was Hunter business, AMG and veeb so far all the schools require an entrance exam. Which program is better? Which one have a higher passing nclex rate? Any information about these schools will be great or if you have another school you know about you can also let me know and I’ll look into it

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