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  1. I replied to your post re: MSJ Magellin, but it is pending moderator approval. not sure if it will let me post the info here or not...

    Hello MsTweet!

    I will be joining you in August. I was supposed to start in May but due to Covid our cohort will now start a little later than originally planned. I have really struggled with housing. Part of the problem is that I am a little older than the average student. I am kind of set in my ways and I do not relish the thought of living in a dorm or an apartment with other students. I have kids the same age as many of the students there and trust me there are days the only reason I let them live with me is because I gave birth to them LOL. But I digress, I have looked at the financial impact of living on campus vs. on campus and aside from the convenience of being within walking distance of classes and the cafeteria, I do not see a huge advantage to living on campus. Here is a link that is outlines the cost of living in the dorms at MSJ (the 2nd floor of the Southeast is reserved for grad students) . I believe that if you live in the dorms, you are required to purchase a meal plan and I have included a link below as well.

    I have spent a good deal of time apartment shopping down there since I live about 3 hours away, commuting is not possible. There are a lot of very sketchy apartments, you have to be very careful and really pour over the reviews. Their brochures and websites may look very nice but there are lots of issues with criminal activity, bedbugs etc... So whatever you decide, make sure you do your due diligence. I have a list provided to me by Dr. Hiltz that was helpful (see below). Also one of the admission counselor's family owns a plumbing business there and also owns some apartments that range around $750-800 mo. and they are very nice folks. So with all that being said, I have vacillated over this decision for months and I think that I am probably going to make a financial investment and just buy a house or duplex down there and try to take advantage of the current economic instability. I'll use it to live in while I am in school and then hopefully by the time we're done, I will sell it and recoup what I bought it for and have lived down there for free plus maybe make a little profit. If I do find a nice duplex to buy, and I have an apartment to rent, I will let you know. Looking forward to meeting you in August!

    Indian Lookout Apartments

    98 Anderson Ferry Rd.

    Cincinnati, OH 45238


    River Bend Apartments

    167 Anderson Ferry Rd.

    Cincinnati, OH 45238


    Delshire Apartments

    4463 Glenhaven Rd.

    Cincinnati, OH 45238


    Delhi Estates Apartments

    5320 Delhi Pike

    Cincinnati, OH 45238


    Pinnacle Point Apartments

    5751 Signal Pointe Drive

    Cincinnati, OH 45247


    Clearwater Crossings

    4512 Clearwater Pl

    Cincinnati, OH 45248


    Skyridge and Northcrest Apartments

    5411 Blue Sky Drive

    Cincinnati, OH 45247


    West Hills Apartments

    6560 Hearne Road

    Cincinnati, OH 45248


    1. MsTweeT


      Thank you so much. I think we met on interview day. Do you have short hair and wear glasses? You had 1 pre req left back then, Chemistry, I believe it was. 

      I won't be moving with my kids anymore that's why I'm considering other options now.

       With regards to apartment hunting, I know exactly what you mean. Finding a decent place is hard and reviews are important so I don't I ignore them either. 

      Is the admissions counselor's apartment on this list?

    2. MrsLeo33


      Yes, that is me. I have the number here for the contact for the apts owned by the admission counselors family but don't want to post it publicly here, but I am happy to share it with you. The apartments are decent and seem pretty safe.

    3. MrsLeo33


      Hey I found a listing for the apartments. here ya go.


  2. Are there any other candidates out there? I would love to share this experience with another person considering/being considered for this program. Interviews are coming up and I am extremely excited. I am going to Cincy for a few extra days to scout ...
  3. MrsLeo33

    Cincinnati Mount St. Joseph MAGELIN

    Hope you don't mind I sent you a FB friend request. Would love to stay in touch. You are a wealth of information.
  4. MrsLeo33

    Cincinnati Mount St. Joseph MAGELIN

    Are you a local resident or did you move there to attend the program? I live about 3 hours away, and will need to find an apartment I think. I don't think could handle dorm life (I live with a 17 & 19 year old right now ack! lol) Not sure how eas...
  5. MrsLeo33

    Cincinnati Mount St. Joseph MAGELIN

    I recall hearing about that. While it would be really nice to have the summer off, I am really anxious to get started. Where/how did you take Patho? Also, have most of the people who started in your cohort, hung in the program or have many washed out...
  6. MrsLeo33

    Cincinnati Mount St. Joseph MAGELIN

    I am strongly considering this program. I have started the application process and I am finishing up the pre-reqs (so far all 4.0 GPA), I have my financial aid lined up. I'd like to start in May 2020. My last 2 courses are Chemistry (will finish May ...