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  1. Jesse Duncan

    Paramedic to RN

    Thank you everyone. Yeah, i know there are steps to get to NICU flight. That’s just my “ultimate goal” in a sense. Just trying to figure out what’s the best option/way. I love being a medic, just want to learn more. Especially on pediatrics.
  2. Jesse Duncan

    Paramedic to RN

    I have been a Paramedic for awhile, been in EMS for 5 years in total. I am starting pre-nursing next month. I am just tired of the low pay and long hours this field has. The problem I am having is everyone I have talked to says to not do it, some of my RN friends say to stay a medic, same as my medic friends that are saying to stay a medic. I am taking my CCP course in August to learn more, while doing the pre-nursing classes, with the end goal to go flight, preferably Pediatric/NICU flight. Does anyone in here have experience with going from medic to rn? Even working both at same time? Thank you.

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