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LittleFizz has 5 years experience and specializes in ICU.

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  1. LittleFizz

    CRNA-Northshore/Depaul 2021 Start

    Congratulations! I didn’t realize they already sent out emails!
  2. LittleFizz

    CRNA-Northshore/Depaul 2021 Start

    Good luck! The nervousness is normal and they will expect it. There is no real way to prepare other than knowing the basic interview questions. They really do want to know you. It’s your chance to show them why you’re fit for them, and why they’re fit for you.
  3. LittleFizz

    CRNA 2017 - Northshore vs. Rosalind Franklin

    I wonder if theyre doing rolling admissions? it seems that in the past, people have gotten their emails at different times.
  4. LittleFizz

    When does it stop being scary?

    it will take a while, but you will start to feel more comfortable as you do it. for example, you can take the CRRT, impella, IABP classes, but not know what to do until youve actually taken care of these patients. just remember to use your resources and its better to ask questions than to just assume. for the most part, people remember how it was to be fresh out and are willing to help! good luck with everything!
  5. I watched laura gasparis' videos and combined that with pass ccrn. it was enough for me personally. I did not do any practice tests. I liked the pass ccrn question bank because I could do it at work when I had time in between tasks. I think it was about 1000 questions all divided into different categories and I pretty much did a couple rounds of all the questions. it really goes by quick and you eventually start memorizing the answers. sometimes the rationales sucked and required me to Google for better explanations. good luck with your exam!
  6. from personal experience, you will learn so much of this stuff on the job. I do browse icufaqs.org in my spare time on the floor. I personally feel like you may overload yourself by reading these books. it may be more beneficial to just absorb your experience when you start and let it all soak in. you will learn a great deal on orientation and even more once you are on your own!
  7. LittleFizz

    ICU Residency ; How I got let go.

    im always so shocked to hear these horrible stories of new nurses and their experiences. I've never felt these cases and im grateful for my preceptors. it seems like your environment set you up to fail and thats horrible. I never understood why some nurses are that way to incoming nurses, when theyve been in that exact position many years before. I hope you everything works out and please don't think this is all your fault.
  8. LittleFizz

    My one chance at MICU

    the MICU has a good combination of different patient populations. you will learn a great deal there and it'll be your choice to continue or move onto other ICUs. good luck!
  9. LittleFizz

    CRNA 2017 - Northshore vs. Rosalind Franklin

    this wait is rough!
  10. LittleFizz

    CRNA-Northshore/Depaul 2021 Start

    I interviewed on the 16th and have not heard back yet. I’m not sure how many rounds of interviews they do before they send out emails.
  11. LittleFizz

    Rosalind Franklin CRNA 2020

    yeah, i wonder if they accept applicants and just waitlist/put on hold the rest of the applicants that interviewed. january 21 is a long ways away too!
  12. LittleFizz

    Rosalind Franklin CRNA 2020

    I got the email about being put on hold a couple of days after the interview.
  13. LittleFizz

    Rosalind Franklin CRNA 2020

    I also interviewed on the 17th. I am on hold right now too. I wonder when they will make their next rounds of consideration for admission. Do we have to wait until the round of interviews in January pass first? Best of luck!