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  1. Bentley83

    Lone Star Fall 2020

    Hi there! Where did you get your titers done? Thanks!
  2. Bentley83

    Lone Star Fall 2020

    Perfect! Thanks so much!
  3. Bentley83

    Lone Star Fall 2020

    I have been researching, the other schools I am applying to accept the heplisav-B. By chance, do you know if Lonestar will accept this one? Or, if I get this one and test positive, should that suffice? Thank you again, so much!
  4. Bentley83


    Oh thank you for the response!!! Do you recall if they accept Heplisav-B or twinrix? Thank you again!!
  5. Does everyone already have their Hep B series done or started? Am I too late to begin it now? Thanks in advance!
  6. Bentley83

    UTHealth Houston FNP Spring 2019

    Hi, I am applying to UT health for the pacesetter program. Do you know if students are unable to register for classes until all hep B Vaccines are complete?
  7. Bentley83

    TWU Fall 2020 Applicants

    Hi everybody, I have a bit of a conundrum. I am applying to TWU and a few other schools. One of the schools requires that all of the hep B vaccines be done before the application is submitted in April. That school does accept the accelerated version of the vaccine called twinrix. The issue is I am not sure if TWU accepts that version. If I get positive immunity from the twinrix will that suffice for TWU? Does anyone have experience with this sort of issue? Thanks so much in advance!
  8. Bentley83


    Hi, do you know by chance if UT accepts the accelerated vaccine, I think it’s called twinrix? I am applying to another school that requires the hep B vaccine series be complete by the time I submit the application. Also, is it a big issue for UT if the entire series of hep B vaccine is not complete by the first day of classes?
  9. Bentley83

    Lone Star Fall 2020

    Thank you soo much!! Haha, nothing like a little last minute panic when I thought that I had thought of everything!! Thanks again for taking so much time to explain that. So, I need the screening for immunity, and if that is negative I need the accelerated series which takes 30 days and the immunity clearance at day 60? Do you know what happens if the day 60 check doesn’t show immunity?
  10. Bentley83

    Lone Star Fall 2020

    Thank you!! Yes, I am applying for fall. I took the HESI, so this is my last “to do”! I found some info online about the accelerated option. If I start it right away I think I should be good. Hopefully admissions doesn’t work on a first come first served basis!!
  11. Bentley83

    Lone Star Fall 2020

    Hi everyone! Do you know if lone star considers the “subsections” of the reading portion of the HESI? I scored a 92% on the section, but on the “conclusions” section I made a 67! Do schools look at those subsections or just the main categories?
  12. Bentley83

    Reading Comprehension- Conclusion score

    Hi there! I’m very late to this, but I’m in the same situation! Scored a 67 on conclusions. What was the outcome of everything? Did the score on that subsection make anything difficult? Thanks!!
  13. Bentley83

    HESI A2 subsection score!! help!

    Hi all! I just took the HESI today and did pretty well! All categories’ (A&P, math. Reading comp, vocab, and grammar)scores were above or just below 90%. Except, that is, for a subsection under reading comprehension, “conclusions”. I scored in the 60s! But “reading comprehension” was a 93%. Did anyone else experience this? Does anyone have insight on if schools look at the “subsections” under reading comprehension? Thanks!!!

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