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  1. KCC ADN FALL 2020

    Hey all, don't know if this will reach you in time but I just graduated from the program 3 days ago and am willing to sell all of my textbooks. If you didn't know, there is a textbook bundle that the KCC bookstore will attempt to sell you but it's ho...
  2. KCC ADN FALL 2020

    I just graduated from the program 3 days ago and after speaking with the professors, the program is getting more competitive. Since you got all A's except micro, your GPA should be fine. And I got in with only an 81.3% on my TEAS. You should be good ...
  3. KCC ADN 2020 Spring

    No problem, I should have posted this earlier but the last semester was insane and selling my books was the last thing on my mind. Hopefully one of your classmates gets a chance for these books cuz the "bundle" price is honestly a ripoff.
  4. KCC ADN 2020 Spring

    Edit: Just to add, both my girlfriend and I graduated from the program at the same time so we technically have 2 copies of the textbooks that we are willing to sell.
  5. KCC ADN 2020 Spring

    Hey everyone congrats to who got into the program for Spring 2020. Anyway, I recently graduated from the program a couple days ago and am looking to sell my textbooks. Please share with any of your classmates who might be interested. I only have actu...