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ToniFutureRN is a EMT-B and specializes in B.S. in Neuroscience/ABSN Student.

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  1. Disappointed in Upper Management

    Some background: I'm a medical assistant working in a publicly funded healthcare facility that has been testing for COVID for a few weeks. Just found out through a news article that my company is closing 13 of its sites. Way to add fuel to an already...
  2. Binghamton BAT 2020-2021

    Nope! Apparently they release decisions about the wait list between March 1 and May 15.
  3. Binghamton BAT 2020-2021

    I got waitlisted with a cumulative GPA of 3.14 & a prereq GPA of 3.15. I have a huge upward trend in my last 6/7 semesters & I've been working as a MA since August 2018. I'm also certified as an EMT-B.
  4. SUNY Brockport ABSN 2020

    If you don't mind me asking, where do you plan on living? I am interested in Brockport Crossings as they have furnished 1 bedrooms but it wont be available until late June ?
  5. Binghamton BAT 2020-2021

    For those on the waitlist, did you receive an email from decker academic advising about the waitlist? I don’t remember receiving this type of email last year
  6. Binghamton BAT 2020-2021

    Early May, I want to say it was around the 6th.
  7. Binghamton BAT 2020-2021

    I was also waitlisted. Second year in a row ?
  8. Binghamton BAT 2020-2021

    I received my first bachelors from Binghamton. If you live on campus, I would recommend the on campus apartments. But I wouldn't recommend living on campus overall; you can get more for less off campus. Mostly, I HIGHLY advise against U Club. I lived...
  9. SUNY Brockport ABSN 2020

    I checked SUNY Brockport's academic calendar on their website to get an idea of when we will have time off! Granted the ABSN program might follow some special schedule, but I figured this will closely mirror it ?
  10. Binghamton BAT 2020-2021

    I received an email from my admissions adviser today regarding fall 2019 transcripts & within that email she noted that , "Just as an FYI: we are releasing decisions as efficiently as we can so our goal is to have all decisions released within th...
  11. SUNY Brockport ABSN 2020

    Hello! I was accepted sometime in early October. I was wondering if there's a Facebook group made for our cohort already? Thanks!
  12. Binghamton BAT 2020-2021

    I also chose to avoid Utica. From what I gathered on the phone interview, it seemed they were quite expensive for a school that utilized mostly online courses? I could have understood her wrong, but that's the impression I got.
  13. Binghamton BAT 2020-2021

    Thank you! You as well. It's so easy to get discouraged. We need to focus on the positives & stay optimistic! ?
  14. Binghamton BAT 2020-2021

    central Long Island ? Brockport is ~7/8 hours away! I got my BS from Binghamton. It's only 3 1/2 hours away from me (if you speed). Guess I should be thankful I even got the opportunity to go to nursing school! It's been a long journey for me.
  15. Binghamton BAT 2020-2021

    I'm less panicked after reading this but I am curious where you got this information from? Fingers crossed this is the case! I was accepted into SUNY Brockport & Niagara University, but Binghamton is much much closer to home.