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    Brain farts

    I’m a new nurse of about 8 months. I went through a period of absolutely hating my job and went through some pretty serious depression. I’m stuck in a two year contract, but here lately I’ve felt better about work and think I can at least keep going with it for a while. Anyway, to get to the point, sometimes I brain fart. I work at night so sometimes I’ll have insomnia and just be too tired to be at the top of my game. Like what’s currently bothering me is that I left work for a meeting this morning and one of the nurses asked me if I had given my patient some juice this morning. I said yes, their blood sugar was 80 and I didn’t want it to drop. But then it hit me they had been NPO for a bronch. I had like, a 2 second brain fart where I forgot. I think they canceled the bronch. I’m beating myself up about it currently and over analyzing my night like crazy. I’m thinking now of something I forgot to say in report and about a million other things I could’ve done better. But the kicker is I did a bunch of things right last night too. I guess I’m seeking reassurance or advice on how to not feel so crappy when I make mindless mistakes like this one

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