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  1. Hi Vivika - I saw your post on ISU.  I also live in Vancouver WA and was also looking into the LPN to BSN and was wondering how it was going.  Would you recommend this program or have any advise?



    1. Vivika


      So, I finished my first semester, and I would say I recommend it, but with some caveats; make sure you are self-motivated, willing to learn, and aggressive with finding people to help you. The advisers and the councilors really are not quick with responses, so you have to rely on yourself to get things done.

      I don't know how this program would work for non-working LPNs already. It would be very difficult to find a preceptor if you are not already within the medical community, as you have to find them on your own; do not expect them to find them for you. 

      The material is really good so far, but again, make sure you are invested in it. The material should be nothing new, but it is more in-depth. 

       I work with a girl who is just finishing up her last course with ISU, and her entire process took a little under 2 years. She has multiple job offers pending her passing NCLEX. ISU seems to have a great reputation on the West Coast. 

  2. Hi! I start the ISU program in a couple of weeks. I currently work at St. Joe's in Tacoma, and I see that most of my clinical sites can be at St. Joe's hospital. How did you find your preceptors? How would you rate job placement after this? How would...