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    california license by endorsement

    Hi there, just wanted to contribute my timeline since all of these helped me when was getting antsy and waiting. Oct 26- Submitted application online, I was out of state so I requested the fingerprint cards. Those took about a week to get to me and I got them done the day I received them and sent them the same day.I emailed the BRN because I started reading that the fingerprint card method took the longest, I explain that I was planning my move in about two weeks so she recommended I just get the live scan finger prints and to write a request for a refund. Nov 25- I was in California got the live scan fingerprints and then waited... Dec 13- Checked the breeze account and my application went from pending/open to showing an actual license number. so that was 5 weeks and 6 days since I submitted the application! I'm still super surprised, but super happy that I can start applying to RN jobs! As far as the refund goes I don't think I'm getting it, but to be honest I'm ok with that

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