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Nursie_C has 15 years experience and specializes in onc/nero/LTC.

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  1. Nursie_C

    Need advice

    I am looking for advice. I interviewed for DNS for a small-ish facility, 45 skilled beds and 50 LTC beds. I've spent most of my career in LTC and have a masters in leadership and administration. I have almost 3 years as an RCM and a lot of teaching experience. I've been a nurse for 15 years (LVN for 8, RN since 2013.) They wanted to hire me as DNS but didn't because I don't have survey experience as a DNS (and our facility got 30 tags last year. The old administration jumped ship and left the building to flounder. We're on a pretty solid track to get back to better, but it's a work in progress.) None of the tags were severe, there was just A LOT....so they offered me a floor position with the opportunity to move up to DNS eventually. I spent 3 months as RN on the skilled unit and am now RCM for half the skilled unit and am working on my infection control certification so I can take over as QIC (quality improvement coordinator.) or infection preventionist, since LTC buildings are now being required to have one. This AM my administrator said she offered the DNS position to a YOUNG nurse (licensed since 2017, an ADN with 2 years experience as DNS.) She says she works as DNS at another facility and on the floor at another facility for approx. 40 hours a month, so she doesn't "lose her skills"... Administrator asked me how I felt about that and I told her, I'm not happy about it, and I'm not. I am NOT happy about being supervised by an ADN with only 3 years experience as an RN. Administrator's response was "education isn't everything." How do I handle this? Do I hope this young RN stays for a year or 2 then leaves, then putting me in line to take over? Since when does an ADN with 2 years DNS experience trump a MSN with 15? no disrespect to ADN's out there, but, I'm....shocked. And upset. Any words of wisdom? (Caliotter3, I'm looking at you!) Thank you for your input.
  2. Nursie_C

    So we have enough nurses nursing supervisor, really?

    YEP!! Haha! THIS, exactly! ugh, and make sure you update that white board!!

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