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  1. Residency/ training

    What recruiting offered you those benefits? I need help in my search.
  2. Emergency nurse

    Do you know a field I can work in as a new grad nurse to prepare me for the ER? I am to work for at least a year In the ER before applying to the FNP/ ENP program. I Google searched ER jobs but they all rewired an experienced nurse. I thinks this mea...
  3. Residency/ training

    Thank Your guidance.
  4. Residency/ training

    To become a ENP, I must work a full year in the ER before applying.
  5. Residency/ training

    I do not see any information concerning new nurses or jobs for new nurses.?
  6. Residency/ training

    I want to work in the ER as a nurse but the job requires at least one year of experience as a nurse.
  7. Residency/ training

    Can you please provide me with the contact information for their residency program for new nurses?
  8. Residency/ training

    So, I do not have to be a Native American to live on the reservation? I am a Aftrican American, with distant native American ancestry.
  9. Residency/ training

    What facility did you complete your residency program? I really need help with housing. That sounds good! Also, if you could provided me with the names of any other facilities that off that kind of assistance. Thank you! Im sorry for putting my words...
  10. Residency/ training

    I google searched jobs for new grad nurses. Jobs popped up in several states listed as, '' New grad RN residency program''. The description was training for new grad nurses and a commitment to the facility.
  11. Residency/ training

    Hi! I graduate next December with my BSN. Does anyone know of any residency or training programs for new nurses, that offer free or affordable housing? I will need a place to stay in order to move from mississippi/ Alabama to work.
  12. New grad

    How do I afford to buy land and a house one day? How is that process? I plan on starting my ENP a year after I graduate. I want to buy or build a house so I will not have to spend so much on rent every month. That way I can focus on my other goals .I...
  13. New grad

    Thank you for your replies! So all I need to do is basically have enough money to put down for an apartment before I start the job. Ill probably save some of my grant money in my last semster. This way ill have a place and get paid in about two weeks...
  14. New grad

    Hi! Thank you.
  15. New Grad from New York wanting to move to California

    What is a teaching hospital? Can you name some?