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V888 specializes in EMT.

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  1. V888

    Code Green and Emotional Trauma: How Nurses Help

    Question for those here: Do you think that childhood trauma can encompass things like different "emotional styles" between parents and children? Or does it purely refer to abuse? For example a child who is emotionally expressive being raised by parents who don't believe in showing emotions or vice versa?
  2. V888

    Do Employers Desire Nurses With FEMA ICS Certifications

    If you are interested in any EMS or DHS funded position I would say to take them; as they are required and could help you get the position. I also believe you can covert the courses into college credits if you do all 100,200,700,800.
  3. V888

    Code Green and Emotional Trauma: How Nurses Help

    Please just remember this can be a very dangerous way to think. Don't let your sympathy or empathy let you put your safety at risk Someone in psychological crisis can, especially if armed with a weapon, kill you just as easily as a hardened criminal. I believe there was a story on here about a nurse who died after getting caught between a psych crisis patient and a clamshell shield. Defusing and de-escalating are things that are great...until they aren't. I would also push back on the idea that all outbursts or misbehavior is caused solely and directly by trauma as that idea can be dangerous for society...(minimizing agency and free will, not accounting for rights of victims, etc)

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