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  1. FutureRN2020

    Job Recruiter Help

    @MotoMonkey The email was from a recruiter at a local hospital (one I want to work at), not sure of his reputation. Although I am interested in the unit advertised, I'm not so sure it would be a great start for my nursing career now that I think about it. I have already started looking at local hospitals for available jobs. I am hoping that the recommendation I have will allow me to gain a job on the unit I want.
  2. FutureRN2020

    Job Recruiter Help

    @RionoirDuring my final semester, I will have a practicum (which is where a lot of our students get recommendations/jobs). I am hoping that I can get the placement I chose and get a job through it. I plan on staying here after graduation so, I would like to work at one of the local hospitals
  3. FutureRN2020

    Job Recruiter Help

    Hello! I am currently a nursing student going into my last semester of nursing school. I received an email from a job recruiter about an RN position. While it's not my "dream" job, I'm not opposed to working in this specific area and I do believe it would be a good fit for me starting off. I am just wondering the best way to reply to a recruiter and if it's too early to start applying to RN positions even though I won't be graduating/certified until May? Thanks for any help!

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