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DatAnesthesiaDoe has 2 years experience and specializes in Cardiac ICU.

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  1. DatAnesthesiaDoe

    Johns Hopkins CRNA 2021

    Hey everyone! Didn't see a thread for the Johns Hopkins CRNA program starting in May '21. I think this would be a useful way to stay in touch. Application is due today, so I think feedback is right around the corner.
  2. DatAnesthesiaDoe

    UAB 2021

    Yeah, I got mine today. It's worded in a way where they want to keep stringing you along LOL but it’s a denial email.
  3. DatAnesthesiaDoe

    UAB 2021

    I disagree. They’ve had the apps for almost two months. Why would they not send all the invitations on the same day? For programs with a rolling acceptance style, sure. But UAB doesn’t do that
  4. DatAnesthesiaDoe

    Johns Hopkins DNP CRNA 2020

    Anyone heard anything?
  5. DatAnesthesiaDoe

    Johns Hopkins DNP CRNA 2020

    Has anyone asked where they are on the wait list? Seems like a reasonable question but I’m not sure if it’s something they would tell us. Anyone?