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DatAnesthesiaDoe has 4 years experience and specializes in Cardiac ICU.

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  1. Johns Hopkins CRNA 2021

    Has anyone else been getting promotional emails from Hopkins Admissions? I’ve gotten like 3 today and each time I look at it it’s a mini heart attack followed by a sigh. They know I’m waiting to hear from them, and I can’t block the admissions office...
  2. Johns Hopkins CRNA 2021

    OK so I was dead wrong LOL. Anyone heard anything?
  3. Johns Hopkins CRNA 2021

    Call me crazy but I feel like we’ll hear this coming week before thanksgiving. Could be wrong but I’m optimistic.
  4. Johns Hopkins CRNA 2021

    Yeah let’s leave personal opinions out of this thread because it is not helpful or useful at all. Hopefully we will hear soon so let’s keep to objective stuff that we hear about the program and/or admission decisions. I’m just hoping to not get serve...
  5. Johns Hopkins CRNA 2021

    Well last year the application deadline was a month later than it was this year. I was put on the waitlist last time. Hearing a few different things in terms of when we will hear but I guess we’ll just have to wait and see. When I hear “By the holida...
  6. Johns Hopkins CRNA 2021

    Thanks for the info. I would assume they will interview everyone before making decisions. Good luck to you too, and I have no idea the number of people that interviewed
  7. Johns Hopkins CRNA 2021

    Anyone heard anything from admissions? I feel like it’ll be soon if they are letting us know before Thanksgiving. That’s basically this week or next week
  8. Johns Hopkins CRNA 2021

    Hey everyone! Didn't see a thread for the Johns Hopkins CRNA program starting in May '21. I think this would be a useful way to stay in touch. Application is due today, so I think feedback is right around the corner.
  9. UAB 2021

    The “thorough review of all applicants” part to me means that they are already interviewing everyone that they are interested in. That’s why I am taking that as a denial email personally.
  10. UAB 2021

    This isn’t a wait list notification though, it’s a “we didn’t find you good enough to interview you” email. All I can say is your username is completely fitting for your irrational viewpoints on this matter.
  11. UAB 2021

    Is the implication here that someone in the second round of interviews (basically UAB’s “second choice” candidates) would have any chance of getting in? And zoom interviews will be so much quicker than in person.
  12. UAB 2021

    Yeah, I got mine today. It's worded in a way where they want to keep stringing you along LOL but it’s a denial email.
  13. UAB 2021

    I disagree. They’ve had the apps for almost two months. Why would they not send all the invitations on the same day? For programs with a rolling acceptance style, sure. But UAB doesn’t do that
  14. Johns Hopkins DNP CRNA 2020

    Anyone heard anything?
  15. Johns Hopkins DNP CRNA 2020

    I haven’t heard by now but I’m expecting a big ole glass of nope juice