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  1. RNmommy4MAAA

    Assault misdemeanors- a couple of them

    I just graduated nursing school. I am distraught because I had a drug addiction in my early 20s after my father was murdered and it caused me a TON of issues. But alas I went to treatment and have been clean since 2007. I did get into an abusive relationship with the guy I met right before I went to treatment, we got clean togehter, but turned out to be a really, really bad relationship. He choked me when I was pregnant and well the judge nearly threw the book at him in Arizona. Well we moved to kansas, long story soo short, and I get into a fight with him and because we were in a new town and they didn't know the history I got into trouble, which is how he is, he is charming and narcissistic and so IDK I guess they took his word over mine. this was in 2012. Well I got that domestic battery expunged and it didn't come up,but guess what a contempt of court charge related to it did. so I still have to mention it anyways. Also, my other charges were set aside, which is AZ expungement, kind of. Well I went through a lot of trouble to make sure they were reported correctly cause our BON says that if theyre set aside then thats the same as expunged and not reportable. But they still came up and so I have to explain them. Which is soo difficult to do, but I finally have all my documents and references and the fact that I have worked with kids at a school for 2 years and I work in an ICU now, etc. I perused this website looking for anyone that has a few domestic violence charges from many years ago to see if they had luck with their BON, but I dont see anything like this. Can anyone tell me if they have had a similar experience?
  2. RNmommy4MAAA

    Did I just ruin my life?

    What happened in your case? I am from Kansas too, my understanding from the NPA for kansas is that felony person to person charges are an automatic bar. I have a few misdemeanor assault charges from 04 to 06 during my drug addiction days and those worry me too, I just graduated and well I hope I get my license. Anyways, curious to see what became of your case
  3. RNmommy4MAAA

    Instructor Retaliation?

    Okay so I am a Senior. I am set to graduate in May 2020. I am an A student, even in my nursing program. Well, there was this clinical adjunct instructor that I had an issue with. Long story, but the short version is I went to the lead faculty for my semester in confidence. He basically dismissed me, told me I was wrong and then EMAILED the teacher that I complained about and included me on the email after I left his office. The email said that I had went in complaining about him and what not. I thought I could go in confidence to him, but I guess this was not so. The kicker is that I am not the first person to go to the lead faculty about this particular instructor. I found out after I left that early this semester another student had done the same thing! And he dismissed her just like he did me. In addition, i found numerous other students who had issues with the guy. So then i gathered evidence and filed a formal complaint to the dean. I included the way that my complaint was mishandled in the complaint, but that wasn't ever even looked at. However, my complaint of the adjunct was taken somewhat seriously. So, fast forward to weeks later and I could tell that the lead faculty didn't like me now. OH WELL! BUT THEN.... So I am doing a clinical performance exam the other day. The instructor that was watching me was all down my neck. The purpose is for her to just watch me and then give me feedback at the end. Not to be getting in the middle of things and getting in my way and changing things as we go. But that is what she did. So what happened was: I was supposed to be giving Digoxin, an IV med. So there old fashioned med cart i had to type in "DIG" on the computer and find what drawer it was in. Well when i typed in DIG i saw two meds, one said PO and one said IV. So i located the IV one. Well when i got to the cubby it didn't look right. But there were people in line behind me and i was nervous so i grabbed that med and went about to grab my supplies and i was going to compare that med to my orders and double check it. It isn't like i was oblivious to the fact it didn't look right, just that i didnt see any other meds in that cubby. So i go to grab some more supplies knowing in my head i was going to double check this med. When the instructor grading me grabs the med out of my basket and says this isn't right and i said i know it looks weird, i go back over to med cart to show her what i found, when she opens the drawer and shows me where the right med was. Well, she wasn't supposed to do that. She was supposed to just watch me and if i drew up the wrong med, then count me off. I NEVER EVEN OPENED THAT MED NOR DREW IT UP. So the lead instructor was in the room grading another student so he heard some of what happened. But apparently he thinks he heard all of it. Ill get back to this in a minute. So i said, thank you and went about my business. I did fine on the rest, and at the end during our discussion the grader told me she realized she didn't give me the opportunity to fix it and so she wasnt going to count me off and make me remediate. Well that evening i get an email from the lead saying i had to remediate because i chose the wrong med and was prompted to get the right one. I found out the next day he went out of his way to the associate dean and told her some misinformation, or lies, about how i was asked if that was what was ordered and said yes. I SWEAR ON MY KIDS THAT NEVER HAPPENED. So either he was lying cause he wanted to retaliate, or that he just was grading someone else so didnt know exactly what was going on. Well our critical elements sheet says "draws up correct med" it doesnt say anything about pulling right med out of drawer.. because they arent supposed to be grading that, if i grab a med that i want to double check against my order is not an error. So i am in the DEans office the next day and she is telling me that she was concerned that I was not safe. I said ma'am with all due respect, I dont mind remediating, its whatever, but this is false information. I did not miss a single element on IV med adminstration check off because i was not given the opportunity to check my orders. She kept saying i was wrong and didn't understand. So i said, you know i think this is just because he doesnt like me from the complaint. She rolled her eyes. Well its true! I WELCOME feedback. I welcome someone who has knowledge to share. I LOVE learning and i know i dont know it all. But this was just not right... i knew the med was wrong, i wasn't oblivious to that, i was not given the chance to check it and this guy was not there and the fact that he presented false information to you leads me to believe he has ulterior motives. I guess my question for you guys is: Do i stand up for myself and take this above the dean of nursing? Do i just let it go since the semester is about over? Was I wrong to think that I should have been given the chance to double check the med on the order? Was this a med error? I will upload our IV med critical IV MED CE.pdf . Oh and he was in the office with me that morning with the dean.. and i said that I didn't miss anything on the critical elements sheet and he goes, yes you missed safety. I looked later and there is no damn safety on there. He is so full of crap! UGH!

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