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  1. Ashley17

    Masters in Nursing

    Hey Guys, In need of some advice on what to focus when trying to get my masters. I just started school nursing and honestly see myself here long term. I really want my masters but not sure what to specialize in. I know many school nurses chose masters in education but I'm not entirely sure I would want to teach. I've been looking into Clinical Nurse leadership and just wasn't sure if that would be worth the money working as a school nurse. I also heard of just a general masters in nursing from Southern New Hampshire University but again I'm not sure which route to chose. Any thoughts/suggestions?
  2. Ashley17

    New School Nurse

    I will definitely look into NASN, what type of resources do they offer? I believe I can order through anywhere do you have any suggestions? I've heard of School Nurse supply, are they pretty budget friendly?
  3. Ashley17

    New School Nurse

    Time management and I are best friends at this point! I was shocked about the amount of paperwork and record keeping goes into this field. But in the end it's so worth it. Being that were a private school I don't think I really have a district to turn to. But so far I'm managing . Thanks again !
  4. Ashley17

    New School Nurse

    Hello Everyone! I just started my school nurse journey back in October after working in an LTAC hospital for a year. I completely fell in love and can defiantly see myself being here long term. The high school I'm working for is a boarding school of about 170 students and so far it's going great. I've only been a substitute school nurse in the past and have never had to oversee my own program. I know it's not always going to be rainbows and sunshine so I wanted to get as much advice as I could in terms of when to order supplies , staying organized, examples of health forms , how to conduct my first medication delegation course , health screenings if any with this age group, and just anything you think would help. I would greatly appreciate any advice you guys would have Thanks!!

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