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    Biased Clinical Instructor

    I thank you all for the feedback, I will keep this in mind for my clinical on Friday. I feel like it is hard for me to do things such as read my patient's chart and do things via their EHR because we do not have long in abilities like I have at previous clinical sites. Normally, that is my number #1 go to thing to do when my patient is taken care of and there are no other tasks for me to do. I have decided to make myself a little schedule chart based off how things have gone the past two weeks. She gives us times to do A,B,C so I feel like having that all written down will help me a lot. I understand the personal student time and how it could be seen that I was maybe playing mentor to another student, doing CNA level takes. I understand that in other perspectives it could be frustrating, but she has told us time and time again that we are supposed to help each other. But in the event that maybe I need to stop and not worry about my peers to prioritize my personal learning needs, how do I say no when someone comes to me and asks me for help? I know that sounds insanely bad, I do know how to say no. But when it comes to helping others I have always been told to help in clinicals. So I am not sure how to go about this. I appreciate all of your comments, thoughts and perspectives. I reallly appreciate each of you :)
  2. nurseinthemaking24

    Biased Clinical Instructor

    I probably should’ve clarified that I said this as a joke to one of my friends/peers in the conference room and it wasn’t referring to nursing at all. I have accommodations as a student so she was aware of those explicitly. But she told me I needed to try harder than I am which really bothered me because I really do try so hard
  3. nurseinthemaking24

    Biased Clinical Instructor

    Hi yall, I could use some advice. I am currently taking my final course before I graduate and am going into my second to last clinical rotation. Background: I am a student with ADHD that receives accommodations from my school's ADA officer. I have had ADHD since I was 13 years old and I have never once used it as an excuse because that simply isn't what it is. It is a unique difference in my brain, thought pattern, and learning/studying style in comparison to others. In fact, it is what many instructors have told me will make me a fantastic nurse, I have never had things easy for me. I have always had to study twice as hard and try six times as hard as the average student to obtain decent grades. This has given me so much resilience. I have been in clinical settings since 2019 which a wide variety of different clinical instructors. I have never had a problem with any of them until this current instructor. Keep in mind that this instructor has known me for 2 full days and only known me for a maximum of 4 hours in total. She does know about my ADHD because the school sends out my accommodations. The story- I'm insanely frustrated and feel beaten down at this time. My instructor told me on Friday that she is not satisfied with my abilities and need to stop using my ADHD as an excuse and do better. What provoked this you may ask? I got distracted and jokingly said, ADHD probs then returned to my task because I felt the need to address my distraction. Me saying I cannot focus because I have ADHD is not an excuse, it is a statement, a true statement. In the clinical setting, I tend to ask for clarification to ensure that I am doing what I am supposed to be doing. This helps me to fully understand what is expected of me because sometimes I miss part of an instruction or hear the wrong thing. So it is important to me to ask for clarification. She wrote down that I am progressing with reminders, which is ironic because she has never once reminded me to do anything. I go to her and ask her to confirm, she tells me yes if I understood correctly and no if I did not. That is not her actively looking for me on the unit and having to remind me to check on my patient or a task. On top of that, there was a girl in my clinical group that didn't know how to do anything patient care wise. So once I finished with my patient, I went with her to show her how to do everything under the sun. She didn't know how to use the BP machines, nor what a MAP was, how to put a patient on a bedpan, change the patients chucks, etc. I had no problem showing her how to do these things, but of course I receive no credit whatsoever from my instructor. My instructor refuses to acknowledge anything I have done correctly and instead tells me all of my weaknesses at one time and tells me I am not doing my best and need to do better, "you understand?" On top of all of that, she kept reinforcing the fact that I need to do better and I'm not doing good enough. Giving me now credit from this point forward for anything I have actually done well. This is extremely discouraging to me because I know I provide fantastic patient-centered care. I am constantly receiving compliments from patients and patient family members for how well I am taking care of their loved ones. The reminder thing- Sometimes, she doesn't give a clear instruction to the point I ask the girls in my clinical what we are supposed to be doing and none of us have a clue so I go to ask her to clarify my understanding so I don't do something I am not supposed to be doing. this is what she classifies as "reminders," I approach HER to clarify. That is not a reminder to me. It really frustrates me because I try so hard and it isn't recognized at all.
  4. nurseinthemaking24

    Becoming a Critical Care Nurse

    I’ve wanted to be a Critical Care Nurse for as long as I have wanted to be a nurse. I’m a senior in nursing school now, and currently in my critical care specialty. I am BEYOND devastated with my school’s clinical placement. I ended up being placed at a hospital where we are placed on a med surg floor with incredibly stable patients. Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad they’re okay! But I feel like I’m missing out on the experience that the other 75+ students get that have a different clinical assignment. I’ve already taken a huge interest to this course. Spending a lot of time developing a deep understanding of cardiac and ACLS. I applied for a nurse externship in the ICU and am hoping to get it so I can somewhat know what I am doing! If not, I'm thinking about doing a PCT in the ICU. Is that a good idea? With that being said, I’m looking for some advice. Becoming a CCRN: When do I take the CCRN exam? After NCLEX? I don't graduate until December but I really want to go ahead and maybe take my ACLS certification over the Summer? Good idea or bad idea? I'm honestly just a nursing student who wants some direction and advice from other critical care nurses! I just want to make sure I understand the steps to make this my specialty :) Thank you in advance!! Much love.
  5. nurseinthemaking24

    ATI pharmacology proctored CMS

    SOS yall! anyone have good advice on how to get a level 2 on the pharm CMS?! I have been studying under the learning systems tab. I have read the book. I study by drug class. but the predictor quiz was NOTHING like anything I had taken! any advice? any one have good study guides?!
  6. nurseinthemaking24


    hey y'all! im from atl campus and I am the last cohort to take med surg 1 and pharm together. the majority of us passed with flying colors. now we are all struggling to survive. no joke. we are so unprepared for this CMS pharm test on ATI, we are screwed. we took a quiz today and we all walked out laughing because we all wanted to cry. does anyone have a good study method or technique? I have been studying the ATI book. I know my drugs. I study by category. I just can't fail anymore. My self esteem is at rock bottom, I study for more than 5 days for exams to barely get a 70 or 72 (so far in med surg II). our class average is ranging around my grades as well but its so discouraging. any words of inspiration would be so appreciated!