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nurseinthemaking24 has 4 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in Critical Care/Intensive Care.

ICU Nurse with ADHD and never afraid to ask questions. 
We are all learning, be kind❤️

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  1. Case studies

    That rule is so helpful! I love it.
  2. Case studies

    Hi guys so I’m doing a case studies project and I cannot for the life of me word either of the two questions correctly. It’s supposed to be on a PowerPoint but I don’t want to throw a bunch of info at my viewers when presenting. 1. pathophysi...
  3. Help!

    I agree. It is a dumb question. it’s not a test question but it sounds like one. part of my ICU’s new nurse orientation is that we have to present case studies. it’s a case study question. I also think it’s a dumb question and poorly worded....
  4. Help!

    What organ is the first to fail from sepsis? im like certain it’s kidneys but now am unsure because of ARDS. help!
  5. Advice for taking 2 patients

    Hi guys I have been struggling to take on two patients. Even if one is stable and the other is critical, I really struggle to do this. Does it just take more time? What can I do to improve my time management skills? I'm working on clustering my ...
  6. Starting a new IV line

    Help needed! How can I prime a line without getting air bubbles in it or without wasting half of the bag when priming? I have tried pinching off the end after the chamber but fluid still gets through. I normally always clamp my line before s...
  7. Potassium IV hack

    I’ve never seen a K+ order for a central line specify that an IV filter is needed. It’s standard policy at my facility that if it’s going through a central line, it needs a filter UNLESS it’s propofol.
  8. Truth vs. myths

    She honestly had a lot of experience, but was not a great preceptor. Like not at all, so I’m glad I asked!
  9. Truth vs. myths

    I am a new grad nurse and have heard a combo of different things and stigmas revolving around the idea of getting malpractice insurance. I was told by my preceptor to absolutely not get malpractice insurance because doctors attorneys, and or pa...
  10. Constantly Making Mistakes

    I really feel for you as I am in a similar position now but my management has now written me up twice. Granted my mistakes and errors were made under my preceptors supervision. No one was harmed and it did not negatively impact the patient. But I nev...
  11. Zeroing the!

    If your transducers cap has a hole in it, there is no purpose in removing the cap. Do the following. 1. turn stopcock off to the patient. 2. flush the line 3. press zero on monitor 4. turn stopcock back to neutral. if the cap does ...
  12. Looking for a good report/rounding sheet

    Hey yall I am looking for a good report sheet and or a good tool that yall use when preparing/giving info during rounds on your patient. Please feel free to attach any recommendations, pdfs, etc to the comments. Thanks in advance :)

    Does anyone have a common meds ICU drip cheat sheet? I am trying to make one for myself but my hospital doesn't have an updated one!
  14. Biased Clinical Instructor

    I thank you all for the feedback, I will keep this in mind for my clinical on Friday. I feel like it is hard for me to do things such as read my patient's chart and do things via their EHR because we do not have long in abilities like I have at previ...
  15. Biased Clinical Instructor

    I probably should’ve clarified that I said this as a joke to one of my friends/peers in the conference room and it wasn’t referring to nursing at all. I have accommodations as a student so she was aware of those explicitly. But she told me I neede...