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  1. pcole1997

    UT Austin Alternate Entry 2020

    waitlisted for pmhnp but haven’t heard anything about leads
  2. hey sorry to bug you! but I am thinking about taking pharm through straighterline as well because my other class fell through? do you know if it is accredited by UT Austin? I tried checking on the website and did not see anything so was worried. Thank you!! 

    1. 6164Shel


      Hey!! No problem. Even I was concerned about the same thing. I checked with Tracy and she also confirmed that UT Austin would accept straighterline pharmacology course. I have just registered for the course and hoping to finish it by next month. So far, I think, we can finish it by our own pace. 

      If you want a peace of mind before getting registered to the course, I would definitely recommend you to just ask about acceptance of credits from straighterline to Tracy. She is always responsive and provides useful guidance. 

      You can always contact me if you have any questions or concerns and I would be happy to help you out. 



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