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  1. nursing327

    Failed Adult Health, What Now?

    So I just finished my 2nd semester of nursing school, next year would’ve been my senior year, but I unfortunately failed Adult Health with a 71 (needed a 75). I was already struggling in class and everything transitioning online made it worse. For my school they let you come back into the program if you fail 1 class, but it won’t be until the Spring that I can take the class again. In the meantime, I have to take classes, but cannot take just random classes. My two options are to double major doing something like interdisciplinary studies (that’s what nursing majors normally choose if they fail a class) or pick up a minor. I need to get my GPA up in the fall, so I’m wary to take difficult classes, but I also want to minor or double major to have something to fall back on in case nursing doesn’t work out for me. I’m trying to be wise about what I choose, because I don’t want to waste my financial aid. My institutional aid covers 4 years and I’m already at 3 years. Do y’all have any suggestions on a good field I could pursue and be able to easily get a job with a Bachelor’s or have any suggestions on how minors can lead to other things?
  2. nursing327

    Nursing - Not Sure...

    Thank you so much for the advice. I had clinical today and got super anxious over nothing before I went in. I was standing listening to report when all the anxiety and stress caught up to me and I felt like I was gonna pass out. I texted my clinical instructor and told her I wasn’t feeling well and asked if we could talk. I told her EVERYTHING and feel so much better about everything. She gave me better insight on what I should do but that I still need to make my own choice. The most sensible thing would be for me to get through this semester and see if I still have the same feelings about nursing (like you said ) and go from there. That would keep me from jeopardizing my financial aid and from being left with what ifs in the future. My mom could sense something was up when I got home tonight and I told her everything. I think she agrees with my plan and can finally see where I’m coming from. My main thing now is just tackling my anxiety. Turns out my older sister is having the exact same issue about almost passing out from anxiety too. The doctors put her on meds for it, and while that’s not something I really wanna do, I may end up having to until I can get through this. Thank y’all again and for reading all my lengthy posts. Much appreciation!!
  3. I'm in my second semester of nursing school and so far we have not had clinical in the OR. I've been on med surg, post-op, wound care, and rehab.. You may get a clinical instructor who will pull students to go see new things, like things in the OR. A lot of times my clinical instructor will pull whoever she can find for opportunities like getting to see surgeries. I have one friend that cannot stand blood and my instructor has made it a point to pull her the next time an opportunity arises to get her over her phobia. It all depends on your instructor. The doctors and nurses in the OR are amazing with student nurses though. The ones at our hospital told us if we're feeling sick or whoozy to sit in a chair or don't say anything and just walk out. Better to leave then drop to the floor and bust your head. I totally understand the needles/IV's. I can't stand needles myself and we learned to give shots by practicing on each other and ourselves the first week of "boot camp". Not to sound rude, but you'll get over it. You'll realize it's not the needle that hurts as much as it is what's in the syringe. Eventually you won't think twice about the needle. You will probably have to take out IV's during clinical though. Most of what I do in clinical is giving meds, doing assessments, giving shots, and taking out IVs. They should prep you in lab for actually performing these tasks before clinical comes around so you're ready. Honestly, you'll get to where you're so in the moment when doing these things that it eventually won't bother you. Once you do it once, it'll be like it's nothing. I was right in your shoes in August. I almost made myself throw up at the thought of doing anything with needles or IVs. Your instructors are there to help you and encourage you, not put you down. If it wasn't for their encouragement I could've never stuck myself with a needle. Don't let it discourage you!! Good luck!
  4. nursing327

    Nursing - Not Sure...

    This may sound stupid but clinical made me realize nursing isn't what I thought it was going to be. I feel like all nursing is is giving meds and doing assessments. I'm fine going out of my comfort zone and can do assessments great and have no problems giving shots and meds. I did my first catheter the first day of clinical. It's just made me realize nurses are overworked and under appreciated. I feel like I can't remember anything from classes (specifically Pharm) and it's adding stress onto my plate with a bunch of "What-ifs?" I think more than anything clinical and my community health class has made me realize I enjoy the policy aspect of nursing and not necessarily the hands-on approach of nursing (if that makes sense?). I don't know what it is about Adult Health that is making me struggle. I made an 84 on my recent Pharm II test and a 90 on my Community and Public Health test, and yet, I made a 62 on my Adult Health test. I do all the readings, all the online assignments for practice... I almost didn't pass a class the same professor taught last semester and only passed because he had to leave and our Dean took over. I come out of that class just feeling defeated. I took Healthcare classes in high school and challenging classes throughout college and have struggled, but never this much. I just feel like no matter how much I study, read, and practice that I can't succeed in his class. I know the information, I just can't apply it and that's literally all that nursing is. I can push through and see where I am by the end of the semester. I really want to talk to my parents about the whole situation, but I'm worried. They've been so supportive but they're also very insistent on me doring nursing. They don't wanna even hear of the idea of me possibly changing into something different this far in because we've invested so much money and work into this. They want me to stay where I am and finish it out. I just keep thinking that I have the option to find something that I'll love and be passionate about and nursing school has made me realize the health care field isn't something I'm as passionate about as I thought. I don't want to waste my or anyone else's time or money. I just don't even know where to begin if I do decide to change.
  5. nursing327

    Nursing - Not Sure...

    It costs me out of pocket for this school, so usually I work all throughout the summer. I doubt I would have time for a shadowing. Usually the summer consists of work and doing things around the house.
  6. nursing327

    Nursing - Not Sure...

    Hi all, so I’m in nursing school and I’m currently in my second semester. All my classes are going great except for Adult Health I - I’m failing. We only have 3 tests plus the final and I’m not sure if I can pass this semester. I’m horrible with remembering anything and I’m scared for the ATIs this semester. We also have 12 hour clinical this semester that I was super excited about, but now I’m realizing how rough it is on nurses. I’ve always thought I wanted to do nursing but starting last semester I began to have doubts. Seeing how Adult Health is going and how I’m not enjoying clinical, I’m beginning to feel stuck. I’ve invested so much hard work and money into my school and now I’m afraid I won’t make it and don’t think it’s for me. I don’t know what to do. If I don’t pass this class, then I’ll be held back until spring of next year. I’ll also cap out on my federal financial aid if I fail and have to minor or change majors to avoid sitting out a year. I already have student loans and I’m afraid if I do change majors that I won’t be guaranteed a job and won’t be able to pay back the loans. I’ve considered Political Science or Education but I’m worried about job security. I want something that I’m passionate about and will love, but after clinicals I don’t see myself in nursing. My parents are amazing and supportive but don’t want me to change majors because they think I will regret it and that I can’t make up my mind. Sure I can get a job in somewhere other than a hospital, but like I said earlier, I just don’t see myself in nursing. What should I do? Because quite frankly I’m so worried right now.

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