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    Stayed suspension

    9/17/17, I picked up a 4 hour shift as an agency nurse. I had some non narcotic Med errors, computer was glitching. And it was hectic and busy and I was the only nurse on the floor in LTC facility passing meds. In the report that the BON has it even states in there that I told my supervisor I was having trouble with the computer. BON sent me a letter this week telling me they want to place my license on stayed suspension for 2 years, 2 years probation and $500 fine. I work in the ED. Right now and am just wondering if it’s likely that my current employer will fire me over this. I have absolutely no restrictions on my license. And was charged with 1 count of professional misconduct failure to document. Has anyone else ever received a stayed suspension? Is my nursing career over? I love what I do!

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