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  1. Kristen Eileen

    Elmhurst MENP Fall 2020 Cohort

    Congrats! Excited to be in the cohort together! Should we start a FB page?
  2. Kristen Eileen

    Elmhurst MENP Fall 2020 Cohort

    I’m not sure if they are still accepting applicants. It’s worth a shot! I’m local to Elmhurst
  3. Kristen Eileen

    Pursuing Nursing - Need Direction

    I also have a non-nursing bachelors and decided to pursue nursing. The ABSN and MENP programs were a great starting point as they took all your previous coursework into consideration and eliminates repeats. My ultimate decision was for the MENP as my long term goal is to be a FNP. This will require additional schooling but I’ll be that much closer. Depending upon your long term goals any of these paths could be feasible for you. The accelerated programs only take up to two years full-time. Good luck in your decision!
  4. Kristen Eileen

    Elmhurst MENP Fall 2020 Cohort

    I received an early Christmas gift and was conditionally accepted to Elmhurst College’s MENP Fall 2020 cohort! I would love to connect with others that have been accepted! Happy Holidays!!
  5. Kristen Eileen

    Elmhurst College Fall 2020 MENP

    I was invited to interview at Elmhurst College this Wednesday for the Fall 2020 term. I’m also considering Loyola’s Spring 2021 term. Anyone currently enrolled in the Elmhurst MENP? What are your thoughts on the program? Since I was asked to interview early does that also mean that I will hear of a decision sooner than March / April? Im so nervous. Does anyone have any feedback regarding the actual interview?

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