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  1. Hi all. Just needed to vent and wanted to get some opinions on my current work situation. I currently work as a nursery nurse on a busy LDRPN. We recently had a new pediatrician take over newborn care and is wanting to bring about several changes. I’ve worked on this unit for 5.5 years and we have always been a Level 1 nursery. We would keep infants 35 weeks or greater, ones that require O2 for less than 48 hrs, require IV fluids/abx as long as they were stable. Any baby that was unstable, not improving, or preemies would be transferred to NICU. The new pediatrician is now wanting us to keep 33/34 weekers, babies requiring CPAP for 3-5 days (or more in some cases), feeder/growers (even some requiring tube feedings), as well as our well babies. We do not have a NICU at our hospital and the nearest one is 45 minutes away. Several nurses have voiced concerns about this. We are generally staffed with 2 nursery nurses for each shift, but we also attend deliveries, transition babies and care for our babies from birth to discharge. We take up to 6 babies each and at times that can include a “sick” baby. We are now going to be taking care of readmitted bili babies as well (on top of everything else that we do). Not all of our nurses have been trained to properly take care of babies like this. Our manager and CNO seem to think that this is perfectly ok and don’t see where there could be a huge safety issue with this. There are times where we are drowning in the nursery (especially lately) and it feels almost impossible to give proper care to everyone. From going to delivery after delivery, trying to help new moms, and take care of sick babies all at the same time. Our L&D nurses don’t catch babies and it is an act of Congress to get them to do couplet care or just come in the nursery while you see your well babies if they are not busy. Our manager says she is thinking of hiring an additional nurse for each shift, but it will be a couple of months before she is able to do that. I’m seriously thinking about looking for a new job if things continue like they are. Thoughts? (Thanks for letting me vent)