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  1. Hi guys, so I am currently enrolled in LVN nursing program and halfway into the year already. There is this guy in my class, whom I didn’t really care about at all up until recently, like a month ago. He is super nice, funny and has the greatest personality. It’s hard not to like him and most of our classmates and our preceptors love him. He came over to my group one time in lab and that’s how I got closer to him. I don’t know if I read him wrong or not, but he was flirty towards me during the whole lab time. I became interested in him ever since then and I even texted him asking for help and eventually led us to texting back and forth almost non stop. Judging from the texts, he seems interested in me as he keeps the convo going and I do the same to him too. However, the problem is whenever we come in class, we barely look at each other now, unlike before and I think we both are very shy but he does try his best to come near me and start a conversation. I don’t know if he likes me or not, I am very confused. He talks with my friends like normal but he doesn’t really seem to talk to me. But whenever I tell myself he doesn’t like me and that I should stop my feelings for him before it becomes something deeper, he texts me after class (though we haven’t talked in class) and strikes up convo by asking me for help on questions (which I am pretty sure he just wants to talk to me because he is like the smartest in our class, I don’t see why he needs my help with questions). But then again, he’s really nerdy and I feel like he wouldn’t want a relationship now nor would he want to date anyone. So I am really torn... trying to hide my feelings toward him. I really really like him. Do u guys think he likes me? Should I ask him or tell him my feelings towards him through text? Or would that be awkward? 


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