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    Nurse diagnosis prioritized

    Yes, I got those diagnoses from my book. They're not complete yet, as I am supposed to first prioritize only the diagnosis(6 most important based off of Maslow), then make a care plan for 3 of the most important ones. I've prioritized them based on my patient's needs already but wasn't sure if for example, chronic pain would come before constipation or ineffective sleeping pattern.
  2. SweetSomewhere2

    Nurse diagnosis prioritized

    Hi everyone. I have a project due soon and I need help prioritizing some nursing diagnosis based on Maslow's hierarchy. Here is the list I have so far 1.Dec. cardiac output 2. Fluid volume excess 3. Constipation 4. Ineffective sleeping pattern 5. Chronic pain 6. Obesity Does this seem right? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!