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  1. CPNRE November- December 2019

    @Sher if you haven’t registered before DO NOT register until January..if you pay now you it is only good until the 31st and then you have to pay for the renewal. So basically you are paying twice. The 114 late fee is for nurses already registered a...
  2. Failed CPNRE twice!!!

    @scuffed this one is changing to the REx-PN so it will be unlimited tries eventually..
  3. CPNRE November- December 2019

    @RobinVanderHeide @GIBSON I called CNO. For initial registration you DO NOT have to register by December 31. That is only for people who have are already registered and their “registration is expiring” by December 31st. New registrants can registe...
  4. Failed CPNRE twice!!!

    Yes my friend took hers in December and she says the same as you..I think now you know what to expect so just try to look into the areas that you were weak on and then focus on that to guide your studies..don’t over study..make a plan like 2 hours a ...
  5. Failed CPNRE twice!!!

    I did my exam October 4th and passed on the first try, I found the beginning of the test tough..did you get the same test twice?
  6. Failed CPNRE twice!!!

    I used mosby’s comprehensive and also Saunders nclex-PN.. friends from my class shared a lot of study materials but I went over the prep guide 3,4,5 and did practice tests..
  7. Failed CPNRE twice!!!

    @linzipinzi so sorry that you are going through this. What are the study materials that you used?? I have some things that may help you and can email.. I was reading online and they are changing the exam in 2022 to the REx-PN which has unlimited tr...
  8. CPNRE November- December 2019

    @Ageorge that is why you failed you got 105. There was 170 not forget that even though there are 170 questions some of the questions are tester questions to see if it is appropriate for a future test. Those marks do not count. I know...
  9. CPNRE November- December 2019

    Yes it is true the pass mark was 74 in the September window. I would not lie to you. The whole process is stressful enough. I believe it does change through every window..just study hard and stay positive
  10. CPNRE November- December 2019

    Yes but a friend of mine failed and that was what it was.
  11. CPNRE November- December 2019

    74 percent
  12. CPNRE November- December 2019

    Yes you find out the passing average when you are not successful

    you will need to get more than 70 percent to pass the exam. keep practicing.
  14. CPNRE November- December 2019

    Use the Saunders prep for PN book and read up on the areas you believe you are weak in. Also doing the CPNRE prep guide questions 4th and 5th edition helped alot